My take

We have someone that the press; a large portion of the population; and the Democrats do not want as President.  Mute point, as he is our President now.  So bitching about it, or constantly pissing and moaning will not accomplish a thing.   The women who marched that were there because of Trump should be rounded up and put in detention cells for being dim witted.  You only wasted your money going there and doing that, and then going back home.  If you were there for other reason, fine, but to show up for a protest against Trump just tells me you are an idiot.  He is our President and will be for the next four years.  You are not helping the situation one damn bit.

Rather than piss the guy off, wouldn’t it be better to try and work with him and make him see things in a clearer light?   That would be your light not mine, for I think he has a lot of good ideas.  Industry wrecking NAFTA; worthless United Nations; and borders that do not keep illegal people out of this country are serious concerns.  We already have laws against people sneaking into this country illegally, but the last few presidents didn’t seem to give a hoot about enforcing the laws we have.  And Obama gave the people who broke the laws of this country, drivers licenses!  Time to turn the clocks back and enforce our laws.  Time to scrap that idiotic Affordable Care Act (Obamacare as you know it) because it is stupid and cost people more money than having nothing at all.  It was a moronic thing created by an idiot from the get go. And it doesn’t work, except for the insurance companies.  

And of you people who are protesting…  I have viewed Hillary in the last week, have you?  Acting like a spoiled brat child of six.  Would you rather have that spoiled brat child of six running this country?  I sure would not.  She had proven to us that she lies to the American people time and time again.  That she couldn’t take action when needed and lots of lives were lost.  She proved to us time and time again that she was incapable of running any sort of branch of this Government.  

You might not agree with what Trump has in mind.  But he is our President for the next four years.  Let us make the most of it and contribute something positive rather than make his job miserable, because if you do that, the outcome will be miserable for sure, and it will partially your fault.  The President does not have all that much power, despite what you might think.  He alone can not build a damn wall (of which would not keep one illegal Mexican out of this country);  he alone can not launch a nuclear weapon.

I’m all for protecting our borders.  And that goes as far as shooting anyone who crosses at any place other than a legal entry point.  Caught crossing and be tried for terrorism, then jailed for life.  We have legal means to enter this country.  Use it!  Anybody who argues that we all came here from some other country forgets that we did it legally.  Illegal entry is against the law.  Forget that law and you might as well forget all the laws.  Trump is not going to build a wall.  He can’t, and no one is going to foo the money for such a stupid idea.  What he can do is use our Border Patrol to protect the borders rather than bother people driving down the road, like they are used for now.  They are not doing a thing to secure our borders, just pissing off people who live here.

Trump needs to quit playing on Twitter.  Obama started that and I think it was his 15 year old mentality.  Why else would you be on Twitter?  Your brain has not advanced beyond teenage years is the only reason.  It would be nice to see a president that had the mentality of an adult for a change.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like Trump either, but that is what we have and we need to make the best of it, not make things worse.  And right now people are making it worse.

Obama’s plan was to make all Americans pay for those people who are not willing to work for a living.  Cutting their mortgage payments that you and I will pay for.   Making us pay for their health insurance.  Making us pay for all they want but are too lazy to go out and work for it on their own.  You know who I am talking about.  It needs to stop.  And Trump is going to stop it.  The free ride is over for Obama’s people.  Obama cost us billions of dollars and countless lives.  Cost us trust with the rest of the world and brought on endless retaliation from countries and organizations who now hate us with a passion.  Thank you very much, Obama!  You put the U.S. in the shit house for the next 100 years.

We now have a Government who will not let us use free speech.  We now have a Government who spies upon us.  We now have a Government that censors what we can see.  We now have a Government that is more content lying to us than telling the truth.  Sound familiar?  If not, you are not old enough to know better.

Trump?  He should be the least of your worries. And who knows, he might even be able to bring back some of the things this country was based upon, like freedom of speech.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know you can stand on a street corner and say whatever you want without being arrested?  We use to be able to do that.  Currently you can’t even sit in a tavern and say what is on your mind for fear of being at least monitored by the Government.  Trust me on that one.  Homeland Security looks at this blog everyday.  Sometimes twice a day.  And you are paying for that.  I’m amazed they have not come to my house and taken me to some place out of the way and waterboarded me, because that is what we have for a Government these days.  And I hope it will change now.  

Paranoid, you say?  I was in law enforcement my whole life.  Not paranoid.  Knowledgeable.  More knowledgeable than you will ever be, even though you think you know what is going on.  With 22 years in law enforcement I think you should be damn scared.  But you won’t be.  You think you are fully aware of everything, and you know all.  Such fools!  And this Government loves you 20 to 40 year old fools.  You are their bread basket.  Their cash machine.  Their future.

Morning update:

I see in the headlines Trump signed an order to renegotiate NAFTA with Mexico and Canada.  Let’s hope he puts an import tax on things like automobiles and such so they cost U.S. consumers more than if they had been built here in the U.S.  That will bring industry back into this country in a heart beat.  We have Clinton to thank for sending all our industry out of this country.  At least Trump is going to try and get it back.  He already is chalking up points.


“Morning Tia Chi” with Abigail, and a cooperative sea gull.


Give the fellow a chance

Yeah, he is an idiot, but he has only been President for 4 hours.  Hell, he hasn’t even taken off his tux yet.

How he comes across to the public does not necessarily reflect as to what kind of President he will be.  Nixon lost to JFK because JFK was a good speaker and Nixon was not.  JFK was an asshole President that never should have been.  Nixon was a good President, despite the Watergate stuff.

All the social media name calling and bashing at this point is not productive.  The slate is clean as of noon today (EST).  Let us see what takes place and then judge along the way.

You took a nobody, black man that had no business being President and made him so strictly because he was black.  After that, you have no right to judge others.  You have shown your ability to pick a President, and it sucked.

Go back to watching, Ice Road Truckers and quit squawking until you have some data to squawk about.  Until then, you are just bellowing out hot air.


The “Give It A Go” housewife, giving it a pretty good go.


Trump swearing in ad

I just saw an ad on TV from CNN.  “Watch it here, live!  The swearing in, the performances, the FIRST DANCE.”  They showed Trump and his wife as though they were about to begin a dance.

CNN.  One of the news agencies that have done nothing but bash Trump for the last year.  Actually bashing him whole heartily today on there news programs.  And they are asking us to watch CNN for the gala inauguration proceedings on their network?

American news networks have become nothing more than reality TV shows.  Give the idiotic sheep what they want to see, and make money from the sheep. 

American people are the SHEEP.  Idiotic sheep, and they are used to make money.  They are used by the Government; the auto manufactures; the oil companies; the news media; and the wealthy that fund the previous mentioned.  The people are their cash machine.  They know you are basically brainless twits that will throw money to their cause if they make it sound like something you want.  And you want it.  And they know it. 

I know that nothing I say is going to change the mentality of the American people.  Sheep are sheep.  You can’t make scholars out of dumb animals.  I just wonder why American sheep are so much dumber than the rest of the world’s sheep.  It probably has something to do with the TV programming that is offered here.  We are what we watch.  Watch Duck Dynasty and you become Duck Dynasty.  Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashions and you become Kardashions.  And the list goes on and on.  None of them rank anything above 50 in IQ.  That is probably why American SHEEP are brainless twits, and that is why you will watch the Trump Inauguration on CNN.  A news agency that has done nothing but bash him daily, yet they want you to watch their station for the gala event.  And you will.  

God I hate American people.  They are the dumbest SHEEP on the planet.


An uncertain housewife attempting to give it a go.


Last week it was 38 below zero.  This week it is 38 above zero.  And it is the middle of January.  It should be 40 below in this neck of the woods.  It is 80 degrees above normal!!!!

I’m all for a bit of global warming, but this is a bit much.  I think it is all the hot air being spewed out of peoples mouths.  So stop talking like you understand a thing you are talking about.  That should bring the temp back down to a reasonable winter chill.


Little Shade

Papago Park


Above is a shot of about half of the rock formations.  Some 200 feet tall.


Lots of stone arches and caves in these formations.

All the times that I have worked at Papago Park I have run into very few people.  There is not much there to entertain anyone except for these rock formations.  The locals have “Been there, Done that”, so they don’t come around.  The tourists pull up and look at the formations from a 1/4 mile away and figure it is not worth getting out of their car and hiking that far to see.  The only people I have encountered are the few health nuts who run around there as though they are in training for some Olympic event, and they pay no attention to us shooting.

For anyone wanting to shoot nudes in unique rock formations, this is a great place.  About five minutes from downtown Phoenix.

Spelled it with two Ps yesterday.  Sorry.  Papago is the correct spelling.

It is just east of the golf course by about a 1/2 mile.  Sometimes called, Hole in the Rock Park, especially by Google.


Ad People

They know how to play upon emotions.  Ad people do it well.  And we fall for it almost every time.  Who out there can watch this ad and not get a bit teary eyed?  

This is not something St. Jude came up with, this is something an ad agency came up with.   

Life is not real as we see it.  It is made up stuff to get us to do what others want, be it a hospital or the Government.  Both lie.  Both tell us things that make us want to go along with their ideas.  

This Government has lied to us for as long as I have been alive in order to get into a war that we really didn’t need to be in except that the Government wanted something out of it.

I’m not an anti government person.  I’m just a anti this Government person.  Our Government was suppose to be run by the people it represented.  The people were suppose to run the Government.  It got lost along the way and we now have a Government that runs the people, and they think that is normal and right.  They think they can make decisions and act upon them without consulting the people.  They think they run the country, rather than the people running the country.

This Government needs to fall, and the people need to form a new Government that works for the people rather than the Government running the people.  It was never meant to be this way.  Unfortunately the younger generations don’t get it.  They don’t know what has been given up and what was lost.  They think this is okay.  And that is really sad.  And we need a new constitution.  This one is outdated and the current Government is afraid to amend it for fear of upsetting groups of people who lobby.  Another practice that needs to go.


Sarah Jean at Papago Park, Phoenix.