Okay… I did the ultimate bad thing

I joined FaceBook.  Sorry!!!!!!!   I know you would like to kill me where I stand, and I don’t blame you one bit.  I wanted to connect with my childhood friend that I spent grades 1 through 8 with.  The only way I could see to do that was through this god damn FaceBook crap.  I hate FaceBook and the moron who started it, but what is, is.

So I spent a day looking up people from my past.  Now that I have found them I see no advantage to having done so.  They didn’t mean a thing to me last week, so why should they be important today.

Life moves on.  We have friends and we move on.  Dragging up old friends seems to be a waste of time and energy because they want to talk.  And there is really nothing to talk about if you think about it.  They have their life and I have mine.  Neither of us were involved.  Yeah, you can reminisce about old times, but then what is left to be said.

Social media is a thing for lonely soles that have no life.  People that need to connect to others, even if the other people don’t want to be bothered by them.  If I liked you that much we would be in touch on a regular basis via telephone; letters; or in person.  FaceBook is a poor substitute for contact.  It is a way to have contact without actually having contact.  A place for people with no life to interject stuff into other people’s lives with no aftermath.

But that is what this society has become.  Internet related without ever actually having met those we talk with.  Since I signed up with F.B. I have gotten a gazillion friends requests from photographers i know the names of but have never met in person.   A half a gazillion requests from models I know the names of but have never met.  And a couple gazillion requests from people who I have no idea who or what they do.  So why would I make you a friend if I have no clue who you are?  Or what you are?  If I haven’t met you and really liked you, you don’t have a chance in hell.

I enjoyed talking with my childhood friend.  We have not spoken for 50 some years.  He looks old, but I probably do as well.


“Little Shade”

My best friend on a petrified tree, somewhere in South Dakota.

Author: shadowscape Studio

Lover of women; camping; hiking; road trips; and cameras. Put them altogether and you have, me. Located in northern Minnesota, but willing to roll out at a moment notice for an excursion across America with a lady.

13 thoughts on “Okay… I did the ultimate bad thing”

  1. You are definitely right about lonely soles and people asking for prayer requests for people that are dying or sick. If we were going to pray for them, shouldn’t we done so beforehand instead of after ?? !!

  2. Okay….yeah I know…..and I don’t look as good sitting naked on a rock……but…..do you want to…..friend me?

    D.L. Wood

  3. If you want to find a tiny bit of redeeming use for FaceBook find and follow Chris Gillette. He was/is one of the Gator Boys from teh TV show. His FaceBook features pictures taken by him while snorkeling with alligators in the swamps, free diving with sharks, traveling around teh world doing cool, manly outdoor stuff.

  4. “Social media is a thing for lonely soles that have no life”, OUCH! I’m gonna have to disagree here. You and I met on a social media platform, just one you might not consider. And it’s my rich life that makes sharing on social media fun. My family and friends (many whom I met online and now know IRL) engage in ways they couldn’t if I had my job and no Facebook.

    I do wonder how long it will take you to get banned.

      1. Laughing……………oh well, you know where to contact me when it really matters. 😉

  5. I like social media most of the time. I also like that Facebook allows me to be friends with someone but “unfollow” their posts when they get to bible-thumping or “nobody reads my statuses anyway, so this is a test”.

    Some of the people I’ve been actual, good friends with for the longest amount of time are people I first started talking to online in chat rooms (some are going on 17 years of sticking around). I had the pleasure of meeting 2 of those people when I went to England in 2015, a third I’d met nearly 17 years ago when they came to the US.

    The world is becoming a “smaller” place with the help of the internet. People we would have never met or connected with on a personal level are now just a few keystrokes away. Some people I’m content to chat with for a few moments, others I could talk to for hours on end and only breaking conversation to go pee.

    Now, there are plenty of people from my past who connected on Facebook and ultimately I quietly removed them after the initial, “Hi. How are you? What have you been up to?” because conversation never progressed beyond that. But, as the years have passed, I realized that people get busy. Most of those people I know have kids and having once been a kid in physicality if not mentality, I know that kids take up a lot of time and mental energy. I’ve become more forgiving of those who connect and then fall off the face of the earth.

    The only thing I pretty much stopped doing was sharing images unless they were from my Instagram account. Those are usually shit images anyway so I doubt Facebook wants to sell them as stock images unless they are to serve as a “before” photo.

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