Americans are dumber than dumb

I see more and more sites offering what they call, Free Shipping.  Wayfair; Amazon Prime; Wal-Mart; some pet food company; and the list goes on and on.  The American public believe they are not paying for shipping. Who do they think is paying for it?  if you are not being charged a shipping cost, it has been added onto the price.  You are paying for the shipping one way or another.  With Amazon Prime, they are charging the seller for the shipping cost for each item.  That seller is marking up the price to cover that shipping cost, which you are paying.  And Amazon is making money because if you buy several of an item, it cost them less than if they shipped each item separate, thus they made money from the seller because the seller already added the cost of shipping to each item individually.

But, Americans have always believed hooey that advertising companies put out.  Americans truly are dumb.

It’s been coming for some time

Author: shadowscape Studio

Lover of women; camping; hiking; road trips; and cameras. Put them altogether and you have, me. Located in northern Minnesota, but willing to roll out at a moment notice for an excursion across America with a lady.

4 thoughts on “Americans are dumber than dumb”

  1. Laughing…….yes my friend, they still have not figured out, there are no free rides !! Beautiful pic as well !! 🙂

  2. Yes nothing is free. I am a Prime member. But now that I am sucked into the ease of buying what I want anytime of day or night at usually a price less than at a local brick and mortar what I feel is that it mitigates my shipping costs. What I have found lately is that often the Prime price is higher by a few dollars than the non-Prime so they get a higher price and Prime. But I won’t take the time to bounce all around looking to save that two dollars. They make it easy, convenient and so far their customer service has been outstanding. Oh well they are not going away only going to get bigger and I’m not going to stop buying from them so it is what it is. And if that’s dumb I’ve been called worse.

    When I saw your picture the first thought I had was a line from the song Green Green Grass of Home.
    “It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home.”
    I know there is no old house with paint peeling, town or train tracks and there probably isn’t an old oak tree for a 100 miles. I her name isn’t Mary, her hair isn’t golden and you’d have to say if her lips are like cherries but my mind still likes the thought of – It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home. Dumb huh.

    Not that it matters but while the popular version of the song was done by Porter Wagner back in 1965 I always thought Tom Jones did a better job of it.

    D.L. Wood

      1. Well if you was gonna hunker down with someone in a hard rain storm she would be a good choice.

        You opened a memory door. CCR was one of my favorite bands in the late 60’s. So I have sat here caressing a few Becks and sliding along youtube memory lane. Graveyard Train by Creedence Clearwater Revival while not one of the well know songs, probably something to do with it’s length, so no radio air play, in my opinion is one of the better ones. Late at night you would smoke some illicit drugs into your system along with a potent supply of alcohol then put on some head phones (back then they had to be Koss head phones) and nod your head for 8:38 (which seemed like an hour) as John bent your brain with some very good swamp rock blues.

        D.L. Wood

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