Americans are dumber than dumb

I see more and more sites offering what they call, Free Shipping.  Wayfair; Amazon Prime; Wal-Mart; some pet food company; and the list goes on and on.  The American public believe they are not paying for shipping. Who do they think is paying for it?  if you are not being charged a shipping cost, it has been added onto the price.  You are paying for the shipping one way or another.  With Amazon Prime, they are charging the seller for the shipping cost for each item.  That seller is marking up the price to cover that shipping cost, which you are paying.  And Amazon is making money because if you buy several of an item, it cost them less than if they shipped each item separate, thus they made money from the seller because the seller already added the cost of shipping to each item individually.

But, Americans have always believed hooey that advertising companies put out.  Americans truly are dumb.

It’s been coming for some time