I wonder just how stupid the human race can be….

Seems 50% of the people have a religion.  They are all different, and each one seems to think their’s is the only true one.

The other 50% have figured it out.

There is no God.  There is no life after death.  You die and you are like the mouse you caught in your trap last night.  You will never be again.  You were not here for the last 10 billion years.  You won’t be here for the next ten billion years, or for that matter, never again.  Deal with it and quit this stupid shit about another world you will be in.

I’m tired of the religious nuts who can’t deal with reality and death, so I am signing off.


Author: shadowscape Studio

Lover of women; camping; hiking; road trips; and cameras. Put them altogether and you have, me. Located in northern Minnesota, but willing to roll out at a moment notice for an excursion across America with a lady.

3 thoughts on “Religions”

  1. Too cute – I’m assuming it’s a her. lol


    You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker
    You know you’re a sweet little lovemaker

    I wanna take you home
    I won’t do you no harm, no
    You’ve got to be all mine, all mine
    Ooh, foxy lady

    From 1967 and where it is said he show cased most of his musical repertoire in one song including a good use of what became know as the Hendrix chord or Purple Haze chord.

    Yeah religious zealots are as as bad or worse hypocrites than The Donald and the horde of despicables that now surround him.

    D.L. Wood

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