If you listen to the oral arguments from the Supreme Court one wonders why you can copyright song lyrics that talk about derogatory names of groups of people; killing police; or raping children, but you can’t trademark the name, Slants because it is derogatory.  

Both the trademark program and the copyright program are Government run.  Much of the Justice’s arguments  were that they would be putting out data with derogatory information if they allowed a trademark with the name, Slants, but they didn’t seem to have any problem with putting out data that has song lyrics that do the same, or worse.

Seems to me the Justices want it both ways.  They seem to want to limit free speech when it comes to trademarks.  They actually said, We just want nice things for trademarks, because it is a Government program, and we are the Government, and we don’t want derogatory terms in trademarks.  Yet their other program (copyright) allows it.

What happen to free speech?  

It all boils down to, the Government wants to get rid of names, like The Washington Redskin because current social views have changed and the limp wrist liberals are now running things and want to chip away at the Constitution a tad more because they find something offensive.

I would not be a bit surprised that they begin denying copyright in the near future because of offensive things.  

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Kelsey Dylan ~ “Haunting Desire”

Author: shadowscape Studio

Lover of women; camping; hiking; road trips; and cameras. Put them altogether and you have, me. Located in northern Minnesota, but willing to roll out at a moment notice for an excursion across America with a lady.

4 thoughts on “Slants”

  1. I don’t think liberals are running things any longer. Matter of fact I don’t think there is any cohesive strategy at the national level, just everyone taking this opportunity to rape and pillage under the cover of alternate facts.

    What is Slants anyway? Sounds like a burger joint or bar. Or is it sushi?

  2. I’m sure it’s a slang reference to the Chrysler 6 cylinder known as a Slant-6 engine. Lol
    Instead of being upright it was slanted over 30 degrees. In cars it ran from 1959 to 87. A buddy had one in a 62 Ply-Mouth 3 speed on the column. It was a good engine.

    D.L. Wood

    1. Had the 64 Dodge 330 with the slant 6. made it to 61 thousand before a connecting rod broke and slapped a hole about the size of your fist through the engine wall. I was coming from the University of Illinois in Champaign. That happened around Braidwood. Of course all the oil left the engine and the front end shook a lot, but it still ran. I tried to drive it home to Lombard that way. Made it to the underpass of Roosevelt Rd. on Rt. 53, but it couldn’t get up the incline on the north side. Close, but no cigar.

  3. Can’t imagine a car today making it a 100 feet if something like that happened. The only problem my buddy had with his 62 Fury was later in it’s life sometimes when you went to go into reverse the linkage would come off the trans so you had to get under and stick it back on to back up. That almost got us in jail one time but that’s another story.

    He he got the car for nothing in 1968 with just a few thousand on it – well he mowed the grass for a summer of an old woman that lived near him and couldn’t drive anymore and she gave it to him. He still had it in 73 when I got out of the service. By then it was beat pretty good but made a good fishing car. It had a flat roof so he put some eye bolts in the bumpers and didn’t bother with a car carrier. He just put his old aluminum canoe right on the roof and tied it to the eye bolts and off we’d go.

    I miss those days – 23 and not a care in the world except having enough money to buy beer and maybe a little weed. Go hunting and fishing from the back door and if you scared up a little pussy too it was a bonus. Get a few hours sleep and do it all over again. Mr. Peabody where is your Wayback Machine? lol

    D.L. Wood

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