We live in a world of perception.  We see what we see and we run with it.  Here is a picture of a group of people wanting someone to invest money in their start up company from 1978


Would you have invested your money in this group?

Perception is what we take away from any given circumstance.  Not may people would have given their life saving to this outfit.  I know I would not have.  But reality is not what we perceive.  Our brains are judgmental.  We look at something and form an opinion.  We don’t delve into the complexities of the issue.  We have no interest.

Humans are for the most part, self centered animals that base their opinion about something by what they see, and what they have been brought up to believe, at first glance.

Someone I know would have said, “Dirty hippies”.    The fact they they look just about like I did, and probably still do except 40 years later, would make me take a different approach.  I still would not have given them my money however.

Today a goodly portion of the people of this country are looking at Trump and forming their opinions.  Their perceptions.  They have seen him on TV.  They have read the news reports that all knock him in one form or another.  But there are very few people who actually know the man and what his real life is like.  News is so flagrantly bias against him that it is amazing anyone pays any attention to the worthless news agencies.  They are there for one reason.  To sell themselves to the gullible public.  Period.  They don’t care about facts, or who the person is.  They just want to play upon idiots for headlines.  And with the American people that is no problem.

He may not be the ideal person, but give the fellow a chance.  He is going to be the President for at least the next four years.  Let him show you what he is made of.  Forget your perception of him.  Let him display himself and then judge.

Yeah, that is Bill Gates and the beginning of Microsoft in the image above.


Rebecca, on THE ROCK.

Back to Windows 7

Took my laptop, which I had, like an idiot, down graded to Windows 10.  Wiped off the hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7.  Now installing my software once again.
Can’t wait to get it all back in shape.

Today was the last straw for me with Windows 10.  Seems Microsoft installed a Z drive on my computer without letting me know.  What is on this Z drive is unknown because Microsoft will not allow me access to it, but it contains 56.5 mb of something they don’t want me looking at.  And it is on my computer!  Fuck Microsoft.  Assholes.

Definitely going  with Apple next purchase, even if they have over inflated prices.



Small Town

As you know, I live in a small town.  Actually there is no town, but we call it a town anyway.  There use to be a sign when you came into the area that said, Population 24.  I think they were inflating it a bit, but the sign disappeared about forty years ago so it doesn’t really matter.  We have a lumber yard, a gas station and a post office.  A tavern and a church.  That comprises all the commercial businesses.  And that is higher than the number of houses in the area.  I live about two miles from what one would call the center of town.  Nothing but woods and lakes between me and THE TOWN.  Nothing between anything in the town except woods and lakes.  It is actually just a spot on a two lane road that has a couple of businesses on it.

But the people in this area are different than the rest of Minnesota.  I like to think of this area as, The Land Of Misbegotten Toys.  Everyone of us is weird in some way.  We wouldn’t fit in if you took us and shoved us into Minneapolis, or anywhere else in Minnesota.  We don’t think the same.  We don’t behave the same.  We act and behave like Marcell residents.  Different.

I’m a 60 some year old hippy that wears a kilt and can be found at home naked most of the summer.  I am one of the least weird people who live in this area.  None of us are dangerous.  None of us are scary.  We just choose to be the person we are.  It is not an event like you see in Florida where people do wacky things on some date.  We are wacky all year long.  We are who we are.

One thing we can’t do is get naked like you can in Florida on those dates and run around okay.  I can run around naked.  But they expect that of me.  And I am probably the only person who can do that without the rest of the area getting their undies in a twist.  But that is me, and they expect such things from me.  Small town mentality still rules.

I have often thought about hosting a gallery show of erotic work.  Much like the Dirty Show in Detroit only a northern version.  It would work here.  It would work here with one exception.  There is no place to host it at.  The post office wouldn’t go for it, and the lumber yard doesn’t have the space.  The tavern smells like someone just barfed on the carpet, which they probably did.  It wouldn’t sit well in the gas station and the church is more than likely to nix the idea.

The people of Marcell would love it however.  They are that weird.  I thought of using my studio, but I know there would be multiple car crashes of people coming and going on my one lane, winding gravel road which is about a mile long.  And when I say, one lane, I mean one lane.

To the north of me is the town of Bigfork.  They don’t know how to spell their own town correctly but we forgive them because they are not all that bright.  They have a population of about 150 if you include the outlying areas for 20 miles.  I swear they have more churches than people.  They hate Marcell people.  We are some Satan sent, evil beings.  This town actually has people marching down the main street (only one street in the town) every Sunday dressed in religious garb, caring a cross.  Yeah, you heard that right.

So between Marcell and Bigfork there is a cultural gap a thousand miles wide.  Only a 11 miles apart, but what a difference.  I keep putting my work into their gallery whenever they have a juror from an outside area come in.  And every time I hear complaints about how someone did not enjoy the porn on the walls. I do it just to piss off the Bigfork prudes, which seem to dominate the population.  They really need to get a life and get away from that church crap.

I’m rambling.  I have had a goodly portion of Glenlivet scotch and a fine cigar.  And I don’t care one bit if I am rambling or not. And I think Abigail is wrong.  I think she doesn’t have a clue because she is a generation and a half behind me and doesn’t realize what life was like in the past.  As I didn’t realize what life was like for my parents, or grand parents.

Things are not peachy.  From my parents to my time things went down hill.  From my time to my children’s time they went down hill.  This next generation is going to suck, and it will spiral down as it has been doing until humanity is toast.  It is not far away in terms of human timeline.   Just go visit a mall today and then tell me things are fine with parenting.

Okay, time for a photo.


Abs and Erin at Adobe Flats

January Road Trip / Photo Shoot To The Deserts In The S.W.

I will be making my annual road trip / photo shoot to the deserts in NM and AZ in January.  I am putting this out for any model who would like to make this trip with me.  I only travel with one model, and I prefer her to be 30 years of age or older, but will consider all applicants.  I do not require the model to be a professional.  Newbes are just as welcome.   We will be working in the deserts for five or six day, and we will be camping.  Compensation will be TFP with all of the images shot, edited.  I will cover all expenses during the trip.  Anyone interested in joining me this year, please email me at:

As I only have about four people who read this blog, and they seem to be all men at the moment, I do not think I am going to be flooded with applications to go along.  But maybe some model will stumble across this accidentally…


A very young – Sarah Jean

Ran across this article

while browsing my old area news.  And I thought, WTF!

Growing up in that area boys were expected to carry pocket knives.  Teachers counted on borrowing a pocket knife from one of the students when they needed to cut something in class.  We played numbly peg with pocket knives at recess, and sometimes the teachers would join in.  It is a game played flipping the pocket knife and sticking it in the ground for those of you not old enough to remember.  Boys didn’t pull out their pocket knife and try and use it as a weapon.  It was a working tool.  Even if you got into a knock down drag out fight the thought of grabbing for your pocket knife never entered your head.  It wasn’t a weapon, it was a god damn tool, just like a just like your slide rule, and you wouldn’t pull out your slide rule in a fight.  But we have changed their ideas.  We won’t let them carry a pocket knife so they look at it as a weapon.  We have fucked up our own children’s brains.

It will come down to locking your kids in a padded room until they are 21 before turning them loose into the world.  We have forgotten how to be parents.  Or we just don’t give a shit about being parents.  I’m not sure which it is, but it is one or the other.

It is not because times change.  It is not because people have changed.  Via evolution, humans are the same animal they were a thousand years ago.  It is how they are brought up that has changed the way things are these days.  Things are not different these days.  Parenting is different, and it has resulted in the chaos we have now.

We also hunted the corn fields on our way to school, and on our way home.  In school you gave your shotgun to the teacher and she put it in the closet until school got out and she handed it back to you.  Nobody thought of shooting anybody.  People have not changed as humans.  If you took a child from today and raised him 50 years ago he would not have thought about using a gun at school.  It is only because of how we bring children up today that they think that way.  It is not the fault of the kids.  It is the fault of the adults and their idiotic values; lack of parenting skills, or caring enough to even want to be parent; and this constant idea we must safe guard kids from items that they might get hurt with that has caused the situation we are in today.

When a student shoots up a school, I think we should gather up the parents and put them away for the rest of their lives because it is clear they have no idea on how to be parents and are a danger to humanity.

Times do change, but humans have not.  We have created this shit hole we are in.  We, the adults, because we no longer care about being parents and teaching our children right/wrong; how to use items that can be dangerous; how to avoid dangers, and how to cope with danger should it befall you.  We just want to put kids in a protective bubble, but when they fall out of the bubble they have no idea on how to deal with things because we did not do our job as parents and teach them.

I’m really glad I’m old and going to die soon.  I sure don’t want to see how fucked up these kids are going to be as parents.


I may not agree, but

…I will defend your right to say it.

Probably the most over used lie in history.  We hear it a hundred times a year, but not one of those people who said that line actually got up and tried to defend someone’s freedom of speech.  But that is what Americans are, all talk and no do.  We love to throw out lines like that, but when actual action is needed we ignore it, or say, “Hey man, it’s not my problem.  The dude opened his mouth when he shouldn’t have.”

A very poor society we have modeled ourselves into.


Abs and Erin somewhere in Arizona.  I don’t remember if this was posed or they were just this disgusted with my driving.