My life with winches

The winch on the 4 wheeler that I use for logging crapped out.  It was the standard 2,000 lb Warn winch that is on most 4 wheelers.  My other 4 wheeler is without its winch because I am trying to repair it, but have not done so just yet.  So I have a 4,000 lb winch that I spent most of the day making a mount for it to put on my logging rig.  It too needs some work, but I have the parts sitting at the post office for that and should have it up and running by tomorrow evening.  Odin willing and the river don’t rise.  The only thing that I’m not sure about is, do I have enough 4 AWG to reach the battery.  By the way I have thrown out all the batteries that come with 4 wheelers and have installed car batteries.  The 4 wheeler batteries are junk and last about two year, and they don’t have what it takes to winch things.

Then there is the winch I just got for Annie.  9,500 lb winch.  I ordered a battery just for it, along with the wiring I need to hook it to the alternator so it stays charged.  The winch sits in a cradle that slides into the receiver hitch.  I know, winching back, but I figured if I drove into something where I got stuck, the reasonable thing is to go back, not forward into it deeper.  I will be able to use it for a couple more years, then I will be too old to lift it up and put it in the receiver.  Winch and cradle weigh in a bit over 100 pounds.

Giving me something to do during the daytime hours.  Playing with winches.  You have got to love them.  They are guy toys with an attitude.


Kelsey in Ohio some place.


Time to put on your big girl panties and get the hell out of Dodge.

It is a done deal.  You lost.  Live with it, or don’t put on your big girl panties and drag this thing on for a couple of years, where you will still have lost.

But I can see her doing just that.  After all, she is a total bitch.


Again, Cheryl, somewhere is southern California.

Not this year

In this part of Minnesota where I live there is a tradition to go ice fishing on Thanksgiving.  Usually the ice is sketchy in terms of walking on, and you certainly do not want to drive out on it yet.  A few people fall through each year, and that is part of the outing.

But no ice fishing this year on Thanksgiving.  The lake out my living room window is wide open.  There isn’t even ice trying to form along the shoreline yet.  There are going to be a lot of families around here wondering what they are going to do today.  I do believe the taverns will be making a good income this Thanksgiving.

I’m staying put.  May play with my new winch…


Cheryl and the snake.  Joshua Tree

Problems once in awhile are not a bad thing

One learns that the large truck battery that you have been carrying around in Annie to use with an inverter in case you don’t have 120 volt electricity is actually dead.  Had it been charged like it was suppose to be I could have used my computer at least to edit photos this last weekend.  And then there is the issue with shear pins for the snow blower.  When the ground is not frozen yet, and you have a rock driveway, you go through shear pins like water.  Nice to have a batch of 2″ 5/16th bolts on hand.  Forget the shear pins!  Have a check list ready for when a big storm is headed your way.  Gas for the snowblower; gas for the chainsaw;  Jugs of water;  battery is charged;  propane tank is full;  and a full tank of compressed air.  That last one came in handy for me.  By day four with no electricity my tanks of fish, that normally reside in the ponds during the summer, were going belly up for lack of oxygen.  I rigged up my compressed air tank, that I keep in Annie to inflate a tire in an emergency, to their bubblers and cracked the valve ever so slightly.  Within 20 minutes they were happy as a clam.

Still snowing here, but lightly and nothing to worry about.


Erin at Cascade River

These last four days really sucked

Big snow storm on Friday.  Lost electric about 4pm.  Spent two days trying to plow out the driveway.  Nine trees down across it.  Got out to the road and saw trees down across the road in each direction for as far as I could see.

Day four.  Got electric back on at seventy two and a half hours.  A shower is going to feel good.  And I have more dishes to do than after a Thanksgiving dinner.  It will be nice to get some hot water so I can do that.

It is amazing, but I missed the internet.  Sitting in the dark at night with nothing to do but watch the oil lamp flame is not all that exciting.


I have said it before

And I will say it once again.  Images with multiple models are rarely, that is rarely, better than had they been done with one model.

I check in on my favorite models on Tumblr almost everyday to see what they have been up to.  If I see they had done a shoot with another model I quickly skip on by.  Why, because two models are RARELY BETTER THAN ONE.  I have spoken of this many times over the last forty years, and almost every time I have my friends send me pictures they have taken of multiple models.  And yes, they are good images.  Sometimes very good images.  But each time I look at them I think how much better it would have been had they only had one model in there.

That is not a 100% rule.  “The Spaghetti Eaters” done by Lynn, would not have been such a great series had there been only one model.  But shoots like that are based upon several models.  On the other hand I have never, yes I said never, seen an outdoor “Nudes in nature” shoot where it would not have been a much better shot with only one of those gals in the image.

But that is me.  Just like Trump is our President.  You might not like it, but it is what it is.


LOML  May have been from our first shoot.  Some idiot recently said I was obsessed with her, and that he was tired of hearing about it.  He got one thing right.  I am obsessed with her.  And for the rest of his statement…   I don’t give a shit.  I’m too damn old to care what anybody thinks anymore.  When you get to certain point in life there are a few things you would give up everything you have for.  And many things you just don’t give a damn about.  I don’t care one iota that Trump got elected.  But I would run away with this gal in a heart beat.