Really starting to dislike this beaver family

For fifty some years we have had a beaver lodge on this lake.  And for fifty some years they have built a dam in the creek that flows out.  The lake is spring feed so it is always flowing.  This generation of the beaver family has decided to raise the level of the lake about two feet.  I can almost put up with my path along the lake shore being under water, and having to wade through calf deep water to get into my tackle house.  But I don’t get their obsession with dropping large aspen trees across the road every night.

I just got in from spending another two hours cutting up and clearing large aspen trees off the road.  Beavers use these for two things.  First is the branches are sunk near their lodge so they have a food source during winter.  They come out of the lodge under the ice and feed on the bark of the sunken brush pile.  Second is to re-enforce their damn.  Fine!  Have at it.  But here is the situation.  Their lodge is on my lake, the other side of the lake.  Their dam is in the creek that flows out and into a much bigger lake, on the other side of the road.


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Where they have been dropping the trees every night is right on the road.  That allows them to either haul the larger chunks (3″ to 8″in diameter) down the creek to the dam, and the smaller stuff for their food bed to the lodge area.  The 8″ to 24″ stuff they leave laying across the road.

This is a first.  For years and years they have cut down aspen trees near the lodge for food, and aspen trees by the dam for building material.  This generation of beavers is driving me up a virtual wall, and it is time to wage a serious war against Mr. Beaver and his relatives.  I don’t like being woken up at 5:30 in the morning by a wife who says she can’t get out to go to work everyday.

Personal rant over.


Erin and Brooke during a stay at my home one summer.  Erin on top, Brooke on the bottom.  At least I think that was Brooke.  Had to have been….  Maybe….


Stone Age

The area around me got a taste of what it would be like if the phone system were to crash yesterday.  Around 9 am we lost just that.  I’m not talking about just a hard wired land line, I’m talking about that, the internet, and all cell phones.  That is what went down here.   No drill.  No  notice.   Not a practice run.  And it was down for 12 hours.  You couldn’t even call someone to find out what was going on.  I drove into town to see the chaos take place first hand.  The businesses were closing their doors because even though they had electricity, they couldn’t check anybody out.  The locals were gathering in various places weaving stories of, being under attack.

It will be interesting to find out what did happen.  I can understand the internet and the hard wired phone lines going down together, but when no one can get cell phone service either….  One does begin to think conspiracy theory.  A few thoughts entered my head while I was out on the creek a mile back in the woods attempting to break open a beaver dam so the water would recede from my path down by the lake.  I believe the rest of the people in the area ended up at one of the many taverns in an attempt to figure out which conspiracy theory was best.

To dream of mermaid kisses and star fish wishes

Update:  You cell phone people might think all your communications goes through the airways, but somewhere along the line they are going through fiber optics en route.  The crash of our land lines and cell phone service was the result of a car smashing into a fiber optics terminal some 60 miles away.

I use to only have to worry about a beaver dropping a tree on my telephone line…


I was contacted a few days ago via email by a person who had a portfolio of four images, clothed, and who looked about 15.  She (they) pretended to be from Germany and was going to visit Minnesota for a short time and wanted to do an erotic shoot with me.  The email was done with broken English in an attempt to sound like a girl from Germany, but done very poorly.  So I played along for a bit.  “How old are you?”.  “16.”  “Sorry, not interested.”  “Why not?”  “Not old enough.  Need to be 18.”  Then I went on an explanation of the laws.  “How about we do it without anybody knowing?”  “Not going to happen.  End of talks.”  “How about I wear a mask?”  I did not respond after that.

The attempt to make her sound like she was talking in broken English was so bad (I didn’t include it in the above) that I was laughing out loud with each response.  This was certainly some detective’s first time at this.  I hope he, or she, gets better at this.

I was a detective for a sheriff’s department.  I understand what they do, and for the most part go along with their programs.  I do have a hard time with this method however.  Would someone have attempted to shoot this 16 year old if they had not placed her in front of them to do so?  I wonder sometimes if we have not let our police departments run a bit wild with trying to catch people doing stuff.  Doing something illegal is one thing.  Shoving it in someone’s face and enticing them is questionable at best.  Back in my day I probably would have gone along with the program if I had been asked to do so, with gusto.  These days I am older and look at things a bit differently.  Not from the perspective that it is my job to catch a pedophile  by hook or crook, but is the hook and crook reasonable for the end result.  And I am sure it is the same in what-ever you do for a profession.  I’m sure the I.R.S. agents think they are all doing good things.  The F.B.I. agents think they are all doing a good thing.  And the politicians all think they are doing a good thing.  Until they retire and get a bit older.  Then they seem to look back and realize.

This country was based upon boundaries.  Boundaries where we were protected from the Government.  We seem to have lost those along the way.  The authorities seem to be granted more and more power every day to encroach upon those boundaries.

The detective can go fishing somewhere else.  For him/her, I hope they catch somebody so they will look good in the eyes of their bosses, but I think it is a sorry way to make a living.  Some day they will understand that as well.  I look back and think of the people I arrested every year just before election time.  Task forces brought up just before elections in order to make the incumbent look good in the papers.  Peoples who’s lives I may have ruined for what?  So some idiot politician gets re-elected?  Yep!  Everyday people who skirted the law just a little to make ends meet.  And a few years later it was perfectly legal for them to do the things they were arrested for.

Not saying it will be legal to shoot a 16 year old in erotic situations in the near future.  That was not the point.  But fishing for someone who might not otherwise do something like that, and pushing it in their face is questionable in my book.  So shame on you, whoever you are.  Someday you will understand that better than you do now.  Someday when you no longer have the rights you think you have.  Someday when you have grown up a bit and no longer live, breath in the system that you hold in such high esteem.


After that rant, you get me.  Taken by Sarah.

If you had to live your life all over again

And you know what you know now, is there anyone out there who would live it as it happened?  I think, very few.

We all made mistakes in career; love; actions.  Places to live; financial issues; and opportunities missed.

But we are what we are, and we have to deal with our mistakes from the past.

I know that if I could go back, I would have moved to Sweden right after high school.  That is a sore subject for me these days.  I wish I had done so.  I wish I had the knowledge that I have now of the condition this country would be in and what better places there are in the world to live.  Places where standard of living is higher; race is not an issue; crime is low; and the Government is run by people who care about what is happening to their people they represent.  A place where healthcare is paid for by the Government and not run by private companies.  A place where drug prices are reasonable instead of 50 times what the American drug companies charge.

But I am too damn old.  That is the only reason I don’t leave now.  Sometimes however I think I can still make it right and depart this poorly run country.


Abs, on the “Death March” in the Arizona desert.


Windows 10

Every time it updates it installs stuff that I don’t want.  Microsoft crap that I have no interest in.  And it puts things on my task bar that I don’t want there.  God, I hate Microsoft!  Windows 10 is the worst abortion that ever came out as an operating system.  I hate it with a passion.


Abs, in “Morning Tia Chi”.

A few things strike me as, STUPID

First is, although he is a moron, why wait until just before the election to accuse Trump of groping women.  Where were they a month ago?  Seems pretty petty at this point.  But then, everything from both sides have been pretty petty.  There was no debate, either time.  There was only bashing.  We lost what use to be a debate and turned it into a reality TV show where one bashes the other for air time.  Neither candidate has had anything useful to say.

Second is the News stories about this bear.  If you don’t want bears shot, don’t have a hunting season where it is perfectly legal to shoot them.  Pick one side or the other, but don’t play hurt and shocked when it is the animal you liked.  The press did such a great job for months on a lion in Africa, only to come to find out the hunter who killed the lion did nothing wrong or illegal.  But it was an animal people knew.  Apparently that makes all the difference.

Third is the story about Amy Goldman.  I’m not a fan of the press.  Mostly I think they are worthless people that just want a story and care nothing about the real truth.  I think they slant things their way, and generally are obnoxious.  But this is just another cut into our freedom.  One more thing they are taking away.  It might sound small to you, who has no ties to journalist, but they have fought for your rights from time to time and it is our duty to fight for them as well.  One more right the Government is trying to slash away.  We are loosing our right one at a time.  It doesn’t seem like much when you lose one, but over time you will have lost them all.


The lovely, Katy T. in my studio a few years ago.  She was worth my time.

Update:  Amy Goldman’s charges were tossed out by a judge today.  Seems there are still some people in this Government, even if they are at the bottom of the totem pole, that care about our rights.  The federal Government could care less about them.