It is that time of year.  The leafers have arrived.  Those city people who come up here to see the colored leaves on the trees, but rather than go some place where they can safely view the colored leaves, they drive around looking at them.  And when you come around a corner and see a vehicle stopped in the roadway in front of you with the car doors wide open and these leafers standing in the roadway taking pictures, you lock up the brakes and slide sideways, cuss and swear at the top of your lungs at the idiots from the Cities and their lack of brains.  We will have about two more weeks of leafers before the leaves fall off.




I have to admit, NBC did a great job of giving the people what they wanted to see, another reality TV show where two morons yell at each other.  Too bad the American people are this dim witted.  I would have liked to see an actual debate, but alas, I guess I am in the minority.  NBC got one of the best viewer turn outs for a reality TV show to date.  They were happy, you dim witted people were happy, and no one is going to change how they are going to vote anyway.  You are going to vote for one of the two useless morons, or you know better and will vote for some else that might actually be of some help in bringing this country out of the pit it is currently in.  But I’m afraid you are not that intelligent and we will end up with a reality TV star as our president, be it Trump or Clinton.dsc_3365


Another Windows 10 update

Only this time they added stuff to my task bar without asking me if I wanted it there, which I don’t.  Of course it is all Microsoft crap.  And I do mean crap.

What a fucked up company!


And it was very good scotch….

Update:  Six!  My naked ass shows up in six from this set.


As you can clearly tell, I don’t have much experience shooting in a hotel room.  But it is something to look for next time I do.

Also, I had to reinstall my Photoshop CS3.  Windows 10 seems to be allowing it to run for the moment.  Not well, but allowing it to putter about half ass.

Golden Years

Anybody out there that is retired and living the great life of the”Golden years”?

I didn’t think so.  When you get to be this age everything falls apart.  Your body, your finances, your dreams.  The ideas we had of traveling around the country when we retired are nothing but that.  Dreams.

My advise to the younger people is, Live your life to the fullest now.  Because when you retire and think you will have a good time doing it all, it won’t happen.  You may have the money, or you may have the health, but probably not both.

The golden years is something created by insurance companies to make you think you will be able to do things when you are older.  A cool ploy on their part.

Speaking of insurance companies, Prudential Life is a rat hole of a company.  The worst people ever to deal with.  Been there.  Done that.  I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

Rant done for today….


Can’t figure it out

I have tried all the repairs I can find on the internet about getting Adobe Flash Player to work with Windows 10, and Chrome.  Of course all those fixes were posted prior to this last Windows 10 update.  I tried using Flash Player on Firefox, thinking it was a Chrome issue, but alas, same issue.  Windows 10 is not playing well with Adobe.  My Adobe Photoshop is crashing all the time as well.  Really pisses me off when I have spent considerable time working on an image only to have it crash before saving my work.

Have I mentioned just how much I hate Windows 10?  Assholes at Microsoft!


And once again

…this fucking Windows 10 updated and wiped out all my settings.  Plus it now doesn’t work with Adobe Shockwave.  Can’t watch a movie.  I will figure this out, but what a pain in the ass.  Assholes!

I never saw such a piece of shit as Windows 10.  Microsoft should be ashamed of itself.  And it should give everybody who has Windows 10 a new computer with Apple’s OS installed.  Windows 10 is by far the worst hunk of crap ever turned out by anybody in the computer industry.