White Lives Matter

…is now considered a hate group.  Go figure.  Only in America.  Only in America can you be considered a hate group if you are the norm.

I am glad I am old and will be dead in 20 years because I don’t want to be around to see what stupid things this society comes up with next.

I certainly would not want to bring a child into this world in these times.  They would be in for the worst times in history.

Went to buy a galvanized garbage can today.  Two models to choose from.  The “Made In America” version that was a silver painted piece of crap, and the Chinese version that was sturdy and galvanized.  The “Made In America” version was more expensive.  And it was crap.  The Chinese can was sturdy and well made, and cheaper.  Just why would we buy “American”?  Crap and more expensive.  And we keep raising the minimum wage.  Why is that?  To make things crappier and more expensive?  I guess so.  We no longer compete with the world on production of goods.  We have priced ourselves out of the market by paying wages way to high for the work done.   Thank you, unions!  I will buy Chinese products.  They are better and cheaper.  It doesn’t matter that some gal in China makes $2.00 a day.  She is probably happy, and I get a good product.  On the other hand I can pay for some idiot in this country $35.00 an hour to make crap.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we are doing a shit job of, work vs pay in this country.


Now the WORK begins

The fun is over, now the work begins.  Lots of images to go through and edit.  Fortunately there will be little editing involved.

And just to end a wonderful trip sucky, Ayn is still stuck in Chicago Ohare Airport.  she should have been home in Dayton, Ohio 12 hours ago.  Asshole United Airlines cancelled her flight from Chicago to Dayton and never let us know until she got to Chicago.  And of course, they didn’t book her on a later flight that evening.  Last time I use United Airlines for anything except hauling out the trash.

But let me not turn this into a United Airline bashfest.  Fuck, why not.  Assholes.



Really, what are you people thinking?

It is not only Christians, it is all religions.

If you are old and close to death, and you get the urge to believe there must be life beyond death because you can’t grasp being gone forever, then go ahead and be religious.  It is there for those weak minded people who can’t deal with death.  But don’t subject children to adults who are a bit below average in mental capacity that work in that field and have forsaken what we call everyday sex urges.  These people are bottled up predators who are just waiting for a chance to be alone with your kids.  All religions included.

If your kids end up as weak minded as you did, let them find their god when they are getting ready to die.  Don’t subject them to your idiotic religions when they are young and vulnerable to the predators that work in the religion field.  If you do, you have no one to blame but yourself if they are molested by your religion leaders.  You did it, not them.

Why anyone would believe that a religious leader is nothing other than a pent up sexual predator is beyond me.  Figure it out.  Really!

Tomorrow I take off for a weekend of good times.  And somehow I will leave this sad world behind me and live for a few days in happiness.

ohio 2014 076web

Friday is almost here

After a month and a half (long,long) wait Friday is almost here.  Friday is when I gather one of my favorite people up and head for a spot to shoot the following day.  It will be just one day of shooting because she will not arrive until midnight on Friday, then we drive for two more hours.  Saturday we shoot, if she wakes up.  Sunday I will have to stuff her back on a plane for home.

And wouldn’t you know it!  The weather has been great, and will continue to be great come Sunday and then after.  But Saturday will be cold with thunder storms…

Going about on par with the rest of my year.  But I am not going to let some thunder storms slow me down.  Not one bit.

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Headlines: Why Milwaukee acted like they did

It is not rocket science.  We don’t need analysts or psychiatrists trying to figure it out.  The people of Milwaukee acted like they did because they are animals with little to no capacity to think as human beings.

I have always stood by my statement that we should put up borders around and city larger than 5 thousand and only allow people from inside to leave those borders if they have taken a test that proves they are capable of mingling with decent folks.  90+ percent would never pass the test and have to remain within those borders.  Big city people are different.  They are the scum of humanity, and I for one am glad they choose to live among their own kind and not infiltrate the rest of the country that is decent.  As it is, they escape from time to time to fire guns off where other people live, or raise hell in other people’s neighborhoods from time to time.  I really hate city people.  They don’t care one bit about the people who don’t live in that city they do.  Hell, they don’t even care about the people who live in their own city.  The mentality of City People is about on par with that of a four year old that has never been disciplined.

There is a difference between races.  There is a difference between cultures.  And there is a big difference between decent folks and City People.