Lives Matter?

When you protest and shut down an interstate highway, all you are doing is showing the world what a fucking moron you really are, and that your life really doesn’t matter.  As a matter of fact, the world would be a better place without you in it.

You want to make a statement?  Act like you have some brains and your cause is important.  Not like you are the reason nobody gives a shit about you.

Dave’s 2 cents for today…




I don’t get props in photos where it is obvious the prop has no meaning.  ie: Naked girl in a forest, except she is wearing high heals.;  Nude girl sitting on a high wing back chair on a remote beach.  It may, or may not, look pretty, or interesting, but they don’t belong.  Unless you are trying to make a statement about how idiotic your images are, I don’t get it.

But that is me.

The Wood Pile Blues


I need a break and plan on camping on the north shore of Lake Superior most of the month of August.  I have an open invitation to anyone who would like to stay with me for a few days and shoot at that location.  So far my schedule is totally open, so if you are interested please contact me for dates you are available.

Good food, good camping, good fire, good drinks, good hiking, great scenery, and nice images.  I will even throw in for your gas money, which I rarely do.


Some people are just nasty

Got a response to one of my posts which I did not share with the rest of you.  Now I am sorry I did not.  I know the person.  That is the kicker.  But he started out slamming my photography, then moved on to slamming me.  I think I pissed him off with my views of the world as a whole.  He is one of those limp wrist liberals that thinks people who want some order in this world are all Donald Trumps types, and maybe I am one of those people.  But he continued with his rant about how my work was all about what I did years ago and that now I have moved on to trying to get laid by pretending to be a photographer.  I really wanted to respond to him and tell him that if I was interested in getting laid, I could  save myself about 2 thousand dollars and get a beautiful gal for about 500 instead of shelling out 2500 for a shoot that included airfare both way for the model; driving 3,000 miles in my own rig; and shelling out a few hundred more for a nice place to stay and eat.  But what would be the point…  And really, what concern is it of his in the first place.  My wife read his comments and thought he was probably just jealous that he can’t get a model to pose with him in erotic settings.  That could be, but I don’t really care one way or the other.

Don’t like my work, fine.  Don’t like how I do things, fine.  Don’t like my views on the world, fine.  Tell me that my views suck, my work sucks, and that my methods suck, and I have to wonder just why it is you are even reading my blog.

I could easily bash this fellows work as a photographer, but I won’t.  What would be the point?  We each do our own thing.  Nobody is going to like everyone else’s work.  We all work differently.  Don’t like my stuff or my ideas…  go fucking some place else then.

Oh, and he also mentioned that he was tired of my obsession (as he put it) with Abs.  I doubt he has ever talked with her, nor is that any business of his.  Pissed me off that someone I know is such a dork.  I thought I had better taste than to associate with someone like this.

Rant over.


But just to throw salt in the wound, I will include this image of me and Cheryl shot in the studio a few years ago.  🙂  He has not worked with her either.  :))  Nanner, Nanner!