It has been awhile

There is nothing going on noteworthy in my life.  I hate the politics we have going on and you all know how much I hate whoever is going to be our next president.  I can’t say enough about how fucked up this Government is.  And yet, the young people have no idea how good it was years ago.  They have grown up with this fucked up Government and think it is normal everyday life.  That is very sad.

We once were a great nation.  We had a good life.  Now we are just like the rest of the world.  Living in fear because of what this Government did.  Clowns running for office and will get in.  People have no say so in what goes on.

But you have heard me talk about all this before.  It is not going to change.  Each generation gets stupider and stupider.  People less than 30 are the stupidest ones to come along.  Not their fault.  They were born into it.  I just wish they could comprehend what we once had.  Way better than this!  But you see it with the models younger than 30.  They plead for money for their birthday; because they crashed their car; because their laptop got stolen while they had their face buried in their cell phone.  They think the rest of us owe them instead of taking any responsibility for their own actions.  So what do we expect our Government to be like?  Like them.  That’s what.  A bunch of losers with no idea how to manage their own lives, let alone ours.


“Jump In”

Are we really this fucked up

…that social media runs our lives.  Donald Trump Twitters; Obama takes selfies like a teenager; Michelle Obama is on Snap Chat.  They all use Facebook.

All of them are like a bunch of high school kids that never grew up.  Has our society really come down to this where we have to be a part of this idiotic social media thing?  If so…   Stop the world because I want to get off!

When did growing up and becoming an adult cease to become the norm?  There isn’t one idiot in politics that I want running this country.  Not one.  They all have the brain power of a fifteen year old.

But that is our fault.  We stopped teaching them when they were fifteen.  We let them think social media was a good thing and it would replace education.  And for that we have a totally moron president that thinks it is cool to take a selfie with some other politician from another country rather than think it is something his kids might do but surely not an adult.  But the, he was junior senator from the most corrupt state in the union that never did anything but organize boys clubs before YOU elected him president.  So what do you expect?

I only hope that Trump gets elected so we can sit back and say, “Is our system that fucked up that we now have Donald Duck as our president?  It is time for us to change things around here.”

As unpopular as it is, we need to ban guns.  Fuck the second amendment.  It was made for a militia, not for you to own guns because you want to.  We need to change the way we elect people to an office, not this party thing where they offer up candidates.  And the Electoral College needs to go the way of the Dodo.  Each vote needs to count.  It doesn’t now.  We need term limits for congress.  Four years and you are out.  We need term limits for the Superior Court.  Four years and you are out.  And they need to be elected, not appointed.

This Government is not run by the people anymore.  It is run by who offers up the most in contribution funds, and who has the biggest lobby groups.  The NRA needs to be barred from even talking with any politician.  Then watch things change.  Currently every politician is afraid of loosing votes because of the NRA.  What a world we live in.

I hear so many people say there are too many guns out there that we can’t take them away.  That is fucking lunacy.  Make a law that says you turn in your guns within two weeks.  If you are found with a gun after that you go to jail for 20 years.  Use a gun in the commission of a crime and you are executed.  It wouldn’t take long.

That would also eliminate a goodly portion of the Government budget that controls ATF; DNR(does nothing right); FBI; DOJ; DCA; HRT; and a slew of others.

Want to defend your home…  Get a baseball bat.

It is time to change things.  Time to tell the NRA to go fuck off.  Time to become that animal that rises above the rest and say we don’t need to go out and kill another animal to make us feel powerful.

I like guns.  I have owned hundreds of them.  But I can live nicely without one knowing no one else will have one either.


Literally I could have

…bicycled it here faster.

I got a letter that was mailed to me yesterday from Nicaragua.  Post marked May 4th.  47 days!  47 days ago.  I could have delivered it via bicycle from Nicaragua in less than that amount of time.  Literally.

I wonder how much of that 47 days it was in the custody of the U.S. Postal Service.


“Ode To A Cactus”  –  Nadine


My whole life I have been immune to poison ivy.  I could pick it, lay in it, rub it on my skin with no reaction what-so-ever.  Well, it didn’t last a lifetime.  I got poison ivy, and I got it bad.  Oozing, blistering crap that is going to leave scars.  And the worst of it all…  ready for this…  I got it on my penis.

***this is where everybody reaches for their keyboard because they just can’t let this one go***

I have already heard all that you are about to type.  My wife is referring to me by my new pirate name, Blister Dick.  Arrrrgggggg

Let me tell you, this is not the best place to have a bad case of poison ivy.  I can’t wear pants, which is alright at the moment because I don’t wear clothes most of the time during the summer when around the place.  But it would be nice to go to the post office or go get a beer somewhere, but that would require me trying to suffer through getting pants on and undergoing the pain involved while having them on.  So far I am content to stay home and hopefully this won’t take too long to start clearing up.

My heart pounds…

Flash Hard Drives

If you are thinking about getting a new computer I seriously recommend shelling out a bit more for the solid state flash hard drives.  When you turn on your computer it is up and operating by the time you adjust your chair, whereas the regular hard drives allow you enough time to go make coffee before anything can happen.  Also, when you update a program and it asks you if you want to restart your computer now or later…  you can say, “Restart Now” and it will be back up and running in about five seconds or less.   Well worth the extra cost.  One of the better inventions in the computer world to date.

This sucky Windows 10 has made some improvements in the last few months and operates way better than it did.  Still sucks compared to Windows 7, but what is… is.  Definitely designed for people with phones and i-Pads who like dragging their fingers across the screen rather than working with a mouse.  Until they quit making mouses I will stick with just that.  And keep your grubby fingers off my monitor!


Sarah Jean takes a morning rinse off in the river at one of our campsites in Missouri.  Just a, behind the scenes snapshot for the scrapbook.  I liked the rock cliff on the other side.  It had an eagle nest about 40 feet above what is shown in this image.

A president nobody wants

That is what America is going to end up with.  It doesn’t matter if it is Trump or Clinton, Americans don’t want either one as president.  But that is not how this current Government works.  We get what is offered up by each party, sad as that is.

So we will get a lying bitch that no one wants, or a moron that no one wants leading this country for the next four years.  Tell me again just how great America is….

But it is, “Your Government”.  You can change it, but you won’t.  You don’t have the energy to get up off your fat ass and do something.  It is not that important to you.  Well maybe, just maybe after the next four years you will think differently.

America is made up of a bunch of sheep that just want things to go along as they always have.  You fought back just a little by voting Trump in as the Republican candidate, but you were too little and too late.  You were offered up an idiot.  On the other hand you have a hardcore Government bitch that thinks nothing about lying to you to gain financially for herself and run this country into the ground for another four years.  Cuba is looking more and more promising as a place to live everyday.  If I were 20 years younger I would not hesitate to move to a different country.  This one sucks in terms of its Government.  There really is no Government here anymore, just dictators made up of high ranking politicians that get paid by special interest groups to keep their groups going.  We as people…  We don’t count anymore.