D.L. had it right.  Religion was originally started as a way of controlling the masses, before there were laws.  Once laws were on the books the weak minded people who could not, and still can not deal with mortality kept it going as a false way of believing in a life after death.

Someone once put it rather bluntly:  Religion is like a penis.  It is okay to have one.  It is okay to be proud of the one you have.  But don’t try and shove it down my throat.

I don’t recall the author of that statement, but they hit it right on the head.  [Ouch!]

Christianity is actually one of the newer religions, having been around only about 2000 years or so.  Why they think theirs is the only one and the only true one is beyond me as they are new comers to this.  But they all have a common core.  Some big daddy that grants you life after death.  The rest of it is all crap fillers.

And lets look at the numbers, shall we?  The Christians have killed more people for not believing in their religion than all the rest of them combined.  That certainly makes for a good Christian!  It is the religion where the majority of sex abuse to minors takes place.  That also makes for a good Christian!  Christians have shown the world what they are, and we don’t like you people one damn bit.  Murders and child abusers.  If you are a Christian and you don’t fit into one of those you are just an idiot for believing in Christianity.

But the rest of the religious people are not much better.  Better, but not much.  All of them are weak minded fools that can’t deal with mortality.  But it really is nothing to fight over.  Let your neighbor believe in whatever they want.  It is no less silly than what you believe in, and probably less harmful.


Windy Day – Abs

With any luck I am exhausted and barely able to walk.  This should be day 2 of my shoot.


Poor movie action

Most action movies show someone getting shot with a .44 magnum, or shotgun and the person is blown backwards.  That ain’t going to happen.  It may influence in which direction they might fall, but that is it.  Laws of physics rule.  The force imparted by the bullet is always less than the force imparted by the gun in the opposite direction.  And it has a lot less area in which to impart that force.  A bullet will nicely pass through a person with little push in that direction what-so-ever.  But it makes for good action movies when the person shot is blown through a big window.  Just some day, I would like to see an action movie where things would actually happen like they do in real life.

There was a Clint Eastwood movie many years ago that I was impressed with, in one scene anyway.  The movie was somewhat of a dog, but the scene was good.  The movie was, Joe Kidd, and in that scene there was a man on a mountain top with a rifle and scope.  Clint was down at the base of the mountain with his rifle and scope.  The camera took the view of what Clint was seeing through his scope and you saw the recoil of the rifle and smoke as the man on the mountain top fired.  Then a silent bullet passed through some poor guy down by Clint.  Then, you heard the bang of the rifle going off.  They did that one right, as the bullet would have gotten there before the sound.  I tip my hat to whoever was the tech adviser on that particular sequence.

We need more realism in action movies and not this hokey crap that makes people think being shot with a .44 magnum in the hand will spin you around, or throw you off your feet.


I should be on the north shore of Lake Superior when you read this post.  If all is going according to my plans, I am having a great time with a model from Tampa…

Oh, and the weird critter that was running about in my woods….  God damn sheep dog.  A very unkempt sheep dog, but a sheep dag non the less.  And yes, I feel like a complete idiot, thank you.

I have to admit

I was thrown for a loop.  Yesterday I was out for a walk in the woods and spied a creature much like a Yetti ambling through the woods, but down on all fours.  Long hair and dirty white, sort of like a cross between a polar bear and a musk ox.  It must have known I was there as I was walking through heavy woods and not trying to be quiet, but it didn’t even bother to look in my direction and just kept ambling along.  I spoke a few words at it in hopes it would at least pause for a moment, but nothing.  Totally unafraid and uninterested in me.  I’m guessing it weighed in around 150 to 200 pounds.

I have no idea!  But I doubt it will find a mate in the woods of northern Minnesota.

ten little indians

I’m glad I live in Northern MN

Our local coffee house has one bathroom.  The sign on the door say, Bathroom.  Everybody uses the same bathroom.  Nobody gives a rat’s ass what sex you are. I don’t care if there is a gal in there with me, and she probably doesn’t care that I am a man.  I don’t invade her space and she doesn’t invade my space.  I don’t get what the deal is here.  Oh, I get the religious fanatics that can’t have the lights on in their bedroom when they have sex, but they are religious fanatics.  What do you expect?

You know what I would like to see in my lifetime?  Religion dying off completely where people actually join the 21st century and quit believing in that nonsense from 2000 years ago.  It is the only part of humanity that has not progressed.  Drop the God shit.  Drop the Jesus shit.  And drop all the other religious bullshit.  It has no place in the world these days.  The only thing it is good for is starting wars.

When you die your body will rot away just like the deer you shot last fall.  There will not be a life after death.  Learn to live with that.  Or no.  But if you can’t, keep the bullshit to yourself.  And let people go to the bathroom in peace.  Any bathroom.  I would rather have a gal in the next stall than a Senator who keeps nudging my foot with his.  And to bring that up…  just once try and stick your foot under a stall wall where it would come in contact with the foot of a person sitting in the next stall.  Unless they are looking for it, you almost have to lay down on the floor.  So I don’t buy anybody’s story about some Senator nudging their foot in a bathroom stall.  That is unless they were nudging back.

Time for people to grow up.  Don’t you think?



As with all fishing openers

It is 30 degrees with snow on the ground.  Typical fishing opener around here.  And the idiot City People will be out there in their boats fishing.  The locals will go fishing when the weather warms up and the fish start biting, but then, they have some common sense.

It is liable to be cold on the shore of Lake Superior this week (I know it will be cold.  Probably around 35 degrees for the high) so we will no doubt shoot indoors most of the time, which will make those who follow me for erotic work, happy.  That is about all I shoot indoors, unless I am in my studio.

Next month it will be warm enough to do some nudes in landscape work.  I just have to line up a willing model for then.


City Assholes

When you pile enough assholes up all in close proximity, this is what happens.

It is not the number of people all shoved together.  It is the type of people.  It is City People.  When Japan had the tsunami flood that swept across their country killing thousands and making hurricane Katrina look like a walk in the park, there was no looting; no killings; no riots.  They are packed together like sardines over there, but they helped each other when things went wrong.  U.S. City People are assholes.  They just look for reasons to shoot each other; loot stores; burn cars; and display the lowest form of human life on the planet.  U.S. City People.  Yet we allow them to carry a gun under their jacket.  How fucked up is that?

Here, City People  have turned immigration into a game.  “You can’t enter this country illegally!”  “Terrorists enter this country illegally!”  “But if you avoided detection and managed to get here, you can stay!!!!”  Again, how fucked up is that?  In the mean time the U.S. Government is stopping everybody on their way to work with their border patrol, 30 miles from the U.S. border on the main road U.S. people have to travel to get to and from work.  If the Government would spend the money they do for these idiotic border patrol check points that no illegal immigrant is going to go through, on the actual border, we could enforce the laws this country has on the books.  But they don’t want to do that and piss off the City People who want cheap labor to rake their lawns and fix their sprinkler systems.

We spend billions of dollars at air terminals in a show to keep out terrorists, when a real terrorist would go to Mexico and just walk across the border, apply for a driver’s license and free healthcare before he/she blows something up.  How fucked up is that?

The Department of Homeland Security is a big farce.  A way to make the U.S. Government bigger and stronger against the people it is suppose to be working for.  That’s all.

I’m rambling now.



Not much going right around the Swanson homestead

Still have not got the boat out of the water.  The DNR was out here and told the idiot who put it up that he has x number of days to tear it down.  I don’t know how many days they gave him.  He isn’t going to tear it down anyway, so I will have to remind the DNR that it is still up and blocking me from getting my boat out of the lake.  Then, being a Government agency they will go through weeks of red tape before they tear it down.  If I’m lucky I will get to use my boat this fall.  Maybe…

Went into the doctor yesterday for my high blood pressure meeting with her.  She put me on another drug which I took last night before I went to bed.  This morning I was unable to walk without tipping over and crashing into walls.  Threw that bottle of drugs right into the trash.  At 2:30 in the afternoon I am just getting to the point where I can walk.  Not well, but at least walk.

While I was in the doc’s office yesterday I dropped off my, do not resuscitate letter and my request that if I arrive at the hospital unresponsive to terminate life.  I got a bunch of quizzical looks from the doc.  I mentioned that I knew it was not a legal thing to do, but that she please abide by my wishes.  I was told it would get filed in the doc’s private file.  Got to love small towns where people matter and not just what some idiots sitting in the legislature think.


A perfect capture.  Cheryl was actually falling when this was taken.  Notice the angle of the body and the loose grip.  As she fell out of that contraption she did it gracefully, and a print was born.  The concrete floor is not very forgiving however.  Ouch!