Like most people

…I really had no idea what Medicaid was all about.  But I got that dumped in my lap a few months ago.  I have learned a lot since then.  It has been a trip.  Not a good trip, but a trip none the less.  I really hope I never have to deal with Medicaid for myself, or anyone else associated with me has to deal with it for me.

I really would like to know where the. Golden Years are.  Everyone I have known have never seen such a thing.  It is mostly a myth created by ad agencies that make you think when you get old that things are going to be great.  But they are not.  You get old and you get sick, then you die.  There is no, let’s travel and enjoy our old age.  If one of you are healthy enough to do so, the other will not be.  Chances are that both of you will be spry and adventurous are little to none.  Old age sucks.  We are constantly lied to about old age by insurance companies and travel companies and drug companies.  And we get to the point that we believe that crap.

Enjoy your life when you are young enough because there are no golden years.  Do it now, and don’t plan on being happy in your old age.


It’s weird

Myself and most of the people I talk with hate Windows 10.  We have had nothing but issues with it, crashing and not letting us do what we want.  And there seems to be people who have had no problems with it.  I wonder if these people who have had no problems are actually using Windows 10 for internet work, or they are just using it for general computing work, shutting down their computer when they are done working.

I have found that if I leave my computer on, which I do all the time, it only lasts about 18 hours and then it is locked up.  And I have a big issue with Microsoft wanting me to use all their programs.  I don’t like most of Microsoft programs and want to use the ones I want to use.  Windows 10 doesn’t like that and they block every move you make to use some other program.  That is a shitty way do do business.  But Microsoft has been a shitty company for the last five years.  Use them, or suck eggs.  I really hate Microsoft.  With a passion!

Bill Gates seems to be a nice guy with a serious interest in helping people with the money he has made.  But the company turned into a serious blood sucking organization after he stepped down.

There is no more, RIGHT CLICK AND OPEN WITH.  There is, OPEN WITH MICROSOFT.  You get their program, not what you want .  All the programs I use to use are no longer available.  It is a Microsoft program.  And I think most of them suck.

Took me half a day to get my mail through Thunderbird.  Windows 10 kept wanting me to open my mail with their program.  I tried and tried, and then turned to the internet for help.  You can change it, but you need to be a programmer in order to break away from Windows 10.  Windows 10 is a suck ass program that wants you to be locked into all of Microsoft’s programs.  And if you are getting notifications to upgrade…  They have already installed half their program on your computer.  Yep!


Why do my legs always look purple?  Maybe it is old age….

Windows 10 (fail)

Remember Windows 2000?  If you left your computer on for 18 hours it became so corrupt that it no longer functioned.  As the versions of Windows progressed, things got better.  With Windows 7 you could leave your computer on for a week or more without problems.  Well, with Windows 10 we are back to 2000.  About 24 hours is max before it is so corrupt that is no longer functions.  Way to go, Microsoft!

Bill Gates has got to be clenching his teeth knowing that his once company could turn out such a piece of crap as this.  I doubt he has Windows 10 on his computers.


Don’t ask me what we were doing here.  I have no idea, but I would like to be back there doing it again, whatever it was.

Things we sign up for

I have no idea how many model/photographer sites I belong to.  I only look at two of them, but I probably belong to a dozen.  Model Mayhem is not one I belong to.  Cancelled that several years ago.  But every now and again i sign up for a new one, usually seeing the same people I have worked with for years on there, and note they have not been there for years.  Then I don’t bother to ever check in again.  So why do I join a site I will not return to?  Duh!  Maybe it is boredom.  Gives me something to do for ten minutes.  I really don’t have a clue.

But it is not only model/photographer sites.  I even joined YELP.  Been on there for eight months.  Have a record of ZERO viewers to date.  Have a Linked In account for several years.  Don’t even know my password to log in.  But that holds true with YELP and a dozen other sites I belong to.  Wouldn’t have the faintest idea what I used for a user name or password.

I will probably continue signing up for sites for one reason or another, and then quickly forget about them altogether.  Living up in northern Minnesota has the disadvantage of being a place no one is in.  Model/photographer sites; Linkedin; Yelp; etc. will not be places people will be looking for a photographer here.  Everyone within 50 miles of me knows what I do already, and I am the only one who does this here.  They don’t need to look on the internet for me.  And people who live 250 miles away or more don’t give a rat’s ass about a photographer up in the frozen north because they have zero interest in ever visiting here.

But still, I will continue if I find a new site I didn’t know about.  It is something to do.


“Please Don’t Leave Me”



It is time I spew my rant on GIFs.

There is nothing good about GIFs.  Nothing!  If you want to watch a moving image, watch a clip or a movie.  A GIF just takes longer for it to load, and it is too damn short to be of any value above a photograph.  GIFs are one of the dumbest ideas people have ever come up with.

That is my 2 cents on, GIFs.

So help me start a movement to do away with GIFs.  It needs to go the way of DICSO, or the Dodo bird.


“Dance With Me”



I was expecting my last post to have a record number of comments, from one side or the other.  I guess people didn’t want to be associated with the artist who gets close to his models.  That’s okay.  Just was really surprised at the results.

Not much new to gripe about that I have not already done so, so I will just leave you with an image of Hannah, the gal with the tattoo of Alaska.  Following the Aleutian Islands into the Bering Straits can be a treat, given the proper circumstances.


One Artist’s M.O.

Society has a preconceived ideas as to what is right, and what is wrong.  And I usually laugh about that because they change those ideas almost everyday.  What was wrong today becomes right tomorrow, with the added feeling that if you don’t go along with the new right, you are wrong.  But I have stated my views many times in the past on that subject and it need not be talked about more now.

But it does related to the way this artist operates.  I operate outside the current right way of doing things.  Most probably consider me on the wrong side of today’s moral values.

I can go out on a photo shoot and take some nice photos for a model, just like any good photographer can do.  And the model will be happy with the results.  i won’t be thrilled however, and if I was not doing it for a favor, or money, I probably would not even pick up my camera.

For me, I want something more than good images.  I want images with a soul.  I want images that have some meaning for me.  And in order to achieve this goal  I need to know the model way better than meeting with her and talking for a few minutes.  I need to understand her as though I was her good friend that she shares everything with.  I need to know her on an intimate level.  I need to work with her many times so that she understands what it is I am after, not only with the print that will hang on a gallery wall, but that print will have a soul that is her.

For this reason I want to work with a model several times before we get serious about what it is that I am after.  I want to talk with her around a campfire after a few drinks and hear her tell me stuff about her life that she would never share with anyone but a lover or closest friend.  I need to know all that there is to know about this person in order to create what I want.

Current society, especially in the model / photographer world frowns upon intimacy between the two.  Oh, you get the models and photographers having a fling from time to time, that is going to happen.  And you get them falling in love from time to time, that is going to happen.  I’m not talking about either of those however.

But I do sleep in the same bed with the models I work with on a regular basis.  We don’t have sex, but it is not unusual to wrap our bodies together for comfort.  We have already seen each other for hours upon hours naked.  There is nothing there that needs to be hidden at bed time just because it is bed time.  We have hugged many times already after having finished a really good shoot, or enjoyed the time spent at a location.  We usually have kissed several times during these sessions.  So come bedtime there is nothing different that needs to happen just because it gets dark.

I seem to work with models who think similarly and it has not been an issue to date.  None of them have ever gone home and complained.  And they are always willing to go out on another adventure with me when the opportunity arises.  Maybe it is because I seek out models who think like I do, and who have the same notion of what it takes to create an image with a soul.

At any rate, the general mind set of today’s moral society finds this behavior unacceptable, and I don’t give a rat’s ass.  I don’t intend to work with them anyway, so they can stuff their moral values up their ass and go away.


“Flight”  In the permanent collection of The Kinsey Institute Museum  (Abs)