I’m never going to be one of those mindless twits

…who walk around holding a cell phone.  These people’s lives revolve around that stupid phone.  Americans are already stupid people.  Cell phones make them beyond stupid.

Really!  Is that phone that important in your life?  If so, you don’t have a life.


Abs and me, somewhere.

There is no doubt now

…we will have that lying bitch, Hillary Clinton as our next president.  The other side has no one to offer.  And the stupid American people just have to have a female president, at all costs, just like they had to have a black president.  So we will be stuck for eight years with that lying bitch.  Eight, because you idiots will elect her again next term, no matter how terrible she is in her first term.  You did it with Bush and Obama, why would you stop now?

People should not be allowed to vote.  They don’t have the mental capacity.


Thor’s Twin

Electric buses! Oh my!

The middle aged people and the younger ones probably think they are living in innovative times.   We are converting our city buses to electric buses instead of polluting internal combustion engines.  Well hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen.    When I was a kid all the buses in Chicago were electric.  All of them.  They ran underneath overhead power lines.  They made a lot of sparks, and the power lines were not all that attractive, but they were all electric buses.  Seems we have come full circle, only we don’t have the ugly power lines.  Hmmm.  In other words it only took sixty years to get rid of those power lines.  The rest is all the same.  Not so innovative after all.



Why Presidential debates are useless

Humans do not listen to understand, they listen to reply.  Everyone who watches a debate already knows who they want as President.  The debate is only going to fuel their ideas as to why.  “That lying son-of-a bitch!”  Or, “See. that person knows what the hell they are talking about.”  No one will ever say, “I thought I really wanted so and so as President, but after watching the debate I have changed my mind.”  It is all a show.  A big show put on for, YOU.  By now a real person who was running for President would say, “I’m not interested in doing any debates.  The people already know where I stand on things.  Vote for me or don’t.”  But the MACHINE we call the parties can’t allow that to happen.  The games need to be played.  For it isn’t the person running that is important, it is the party that is important because of who backs which party with the billions of dollars.  Those organizations and companies behind the scene who want favors.  Those are the people who run our Government.  Not the President.  That person is just a puppet for them.  Does anyone actually think Obama made a decision to do anything he did?  The idiot doesn’t have a brain large enough to think, let alone make a decision.  It is the party and the backers of the party with their billions of dollars who made all the decisions that came out of this clowns mouth.

For those emailing me about my new computer:  I have not yet turned it on.  I’m still trying to figure out how to save what is on this old piece of crap so i can get it installed on the new one.  Where is a young kid when you need them….




Bought a new computer

I really hate this at my age.  I hate having to try and save all my stuff from one old computer to a new one.  For you young people it is probably not a big thing.  But for us old people it is like trying to save your life history, and you have no idea how to do it….   And if I loose all my email addresses, I will wait for you to contact me to regain them, which will probably happen because I don’t know how to transfer my email address book to the new computer.

Life sucks 50 percent of the time.  When you buy a new computer it sucks 90 percent of the time.



One more reason not to use Windows 10

As though we need another reason.  But if you like to play games like Spider Solitaire, the only thing you have is a small game with ads going full tilt all around you.  The days of playing a game full screen are gone.  Microsoft apparently wants to rake in money for ads instead of allowing you to play a game  non-distracted.   And you have to wait for an ad to play on a video before you even get the the game.

Have I mentioned just how much i hate windows 10 lately?  Assholes!

I think I am allowed to speak my mind on Window 10….  Maybe….


“The Spaghetti Eaters”