And of course (more Windows 10 bullshit)

I went to scan some 4×5 negatives.  My scanner doesn’t work with Windows 10.  A search of software to upgrade proved nil.  Windows 10 does not support my Epson scanner.  Well, fuck Microsoft!

I will have to use my wife’s computer to scan my negatives.  She was smart enough not to upgrade to this perfectly worthless operating system.


From a shoot I did a few years ago with one of the models I was using at the time.  And no, that is not me on top.  That was someone else who helped out for this erotic set.

And this new world order was expecting, what?

If you make stupid laws you can expect stupid things.  We have gone so far left in wanting everybody to be accepted that we have made stupid laws.  Then when someone exercises the right of those laws, what do we do…  We complain.  

This world is so fucked up right now that it will never be righted in my lifetime.  A hundred years from now it will shift back to a somewhat normal state where reason has taken hold once again, but for now we are screwed because we had to make everybody equal.  So live with it.  If a man walks into the girls locker room and takes off his clothes and says he feels more comfortable being in the women’s locker room, it was you who let him in.  You fucked up because you had to make things right for whoever wanted to be where.

There is a time to take back from the bleeding heart liberals who think no matter what and where you think you should be, you should be allowed.  If the guy had on a wig, would that have made it alright?  I hate most of you because you really are just stupid animals.

What you really mean is your daughter should be able to go into any bathroom or locker room she feels most like being in.  The boys are a different story.

But lets get real, shall we.  We have all seen the other sex naked.  Is it a big deal?  No.  So if you want this new social world you seem to want to create, let anybody go where they want.  A naked man?  Really!  Who gives a rat’s ass?  Only the Church Ladies care.  And do we really care what they think?  I don’t.  Women can walk around in NY city topless.  People can walk around in towns in California and Vermont nude.  The world is not going to hell because of it.  When will the rest of the country adapt that nude people are nothing to pay any attention to, be it on the street or in a bathroom.  Deal with it or get out of the fucking way.  Maybe we should make special bathrooms for Church Ladies.  The rest of us can use whatever.  We would only need two then.  Bathroom, and Church Ladies Bathroom, instead of the three we have now and worries about who is going into who’s.

Marsh Marigolds

Have to laugh

This morning headlines: NE braces for life threatening wind chills.

I looked at my thermometer and saw that our actual temp was lower than what those “Life Threatening Wind Chills” are going to be in upstate NY.

Somehow I just can’t get excited about weather reports pertaining to the NE.  The news always makes it sound like a major event.  Everyday weather!  The people of the NE must not own any clothes.



A year or two ago, one of my friends said something to me that has stuck in my tiny brain.  And over the course of this time I have asked myself that question over and over and over.  The question was, “Why should you burden the rest of the world with storing and maintaining your art?”  That was the basics of the question at least.

Over this time frame I have asked myself that many times.  And every time I came up with a reason for asking them to be keepers of my art after I die, the reason was always selfish ego.

I’m a believer in death is the end of a person.  There is no afterlife; heaven where our souls go; or virgins, although that last one sounds the most intriguing…  But even if you are a believer in something along that line, say reincarnation, you won’t remember who you were before so the glory of some great art you had done in a previous life will mean nothing to you because you won’t know it was yours.  But in general, all the religions I know about make it sound like gloating that you did some great art when you were in your body would really not look very good on your resume’ for getting into heaven, or where ever you think you are going to end up.

But for me, who thinks I will just be dead, never knowing anything, or experiencing anything ever again, what is the point?    Why should I burden others with keeping my art or anything I did when I was alive.  It will mean nothing to me.  I don’t need to feel like I am bestowing some great artwork onto the world by leaving it to someone when I die.  I don’t care if it becomes worth millions of dollars after I am dead.  If I can’t get the money when I am alive, the money after I am dead is of no use.  And let’s be real.  Very few artists work becomes valuable after they die.  Most of us are just good artists, and there are millions of us.  It is like owning a Bennie Baby, they aren’t worth crapola.

So I decided that on a given date in 2016 (summer time) I am going to take all my CDs; DVDs; flash drives; external hard drives; film negatives; and whatever might have come along in the mean time, and have a big bonfire and burn it all, leaving only the prints that are out there owned by others.  No one will have to keep my work.  No one will profit from my work.  No one will have to figure out my filing system of images (Whew!).

Leaving your art work for others after you die seems like a self centered ego thing, at best.  And even egos get stripped off for the believers of life afterward.  That is an alive trait that humans have that really does suck.



And now I have a sore throat on top of it all

Your stinking God is out to get me, I know it!

Told the wife last night I was getting a sore throat.  She said, “I don’t doubt it.  Everybody in the nursing home has it.”

Well thank you very much!  As if that wasn’t causing enough problems around here.