More dumb things I did

I had set the camera on a tri-pod and programmed it for five second interval shots.  The idea was for Nadine and me to pose in contorted, intertwined variations on a sand bar.  I tripped the start button and away it began.  I made my way over the rocks and across some water to the sand bar, as did Nadine.  We twisted and mingled our bodies together in painful poses that were sure to look dandy.  When we had exhausted ourselves we got up and I looked over at the camera.  It was not pointed at us.  It was pointed at the next sand bar over.  Absolutely zero images, with the exception of our butts as we passed in front of the lens going to the wrong sand bar.  Stupid Swede!


When you are in the desert things look closer than they actually are.  We spied these rock and thought they were a hundred yards away.  More like a mile.

During this trip, like all my desert trips, we had to extricate many cactus needles from our hides, in many different locations on our naked bodies.  I remember one incident where she was photographing parts of my anatomy close up with a certain cactus, mean while I was impaled in my upper right arm by the cactus next to the one she was photographing.  I calmly remained still while she took a half dozen shots knowing that when she finished I was going to need some assistance in removing my impaled body.  I came home from this trip with one needle broken off below skin level right between my shoulder blades.  It will eventually work itself out.

Thank you, Dave L.

My friend, Dave Levingston has aided me in turning a crap image into something I can at least share with you here.   He has a program he has been working with lately that he used to help in this endeavor.  I don’t know what it is, nor do I care at this point in time.  But I will be looking into it in the near future.

Nadine and I had a perfectly (well almost perfectly) good time working together on this road trip.  She snuggles well at night.  And that racks up countless points in my book.  She is smart, beautiful, and is a good model.  And she likes to have fun while she is working.  Another ten points.  She is also a very good photographer herself.  Another ten points.

I assume she has lots of good images to share with the world of our outing.  They have got to be better than mine.  I look forward to seeing them.  From the master the student emerges as the victor.  And I am perfectly fine with that at my age.

DSC_4388 - Swanson_DxO


More Windows 10 crap

I was working on an image today and Windows 10 crashed.  It told me that it was sorry!  Then it said my computer needed to re-start.  It began the restart but after 15 minutes the stupid dots were still going around and around.  I shut the computer off and then turned it back on.  Fifteen minutes later I was up and running again.  Then the damn new downloads began.  Another fifteen minutes.  Then I went back to all the lost work I had been doing on my image.  Thank you, Windows 10.  Assholes!!!!


One of the biggest barrel cactus that I have seen.

We didn’t have raccoon raiding our camp site on this trip, we had javelina getting into our garbage sack at night.  They were welcome visitors compared to the raccoon.  And the road runners were all over the place.  Life is different in the desert.  A nice place to visit, but I don’t want to live there.  Today I had a wolf watching me snow plow my driveway.  Laid there for better than an hour watching me.  Beautiful animal with no fear of me or my vehicle.  Just watching me do my thing.


Explanation of noise, for Ethan

Noise in digital work is similar to grain in film, only, unlike grain that sometimes has a pleasant feel about it, noise looks like crap all the time.  It shows up the most in the darker regions of the image as colored dots instead of a nice shadow area.  if you look at the first posting of Nadine from this trip you will notice this in the darker areas around her legs.  In the image below you will see it in the darker, blue sky.  The first image is what iso 6400 looks like out of my Nikon D300 camera.  With some tweaking in P.S. I can eliminate some of that, but with a price.  See image #2.

DSC_4114      DSC_4114-2

This become very evident should you look closer at the image, as with this one:


I can transform such work into small digital images for the web without much trouble, but there is no way these will ever look good in a print.

Decided to go all out

…and drive straight through to home.  Just got here, 33 hours of hard driving with the last 7 hours in snow storms.

“That was dumb!”

1580 miles with no stopping except for a McDonalds sandwich and fuel.  I’m too damn old to be doing that, and I am now paying the price.  Probably will take me several days to recover from this but I wanted to beat a bad storm that was moving into Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Stayed pretty much in front of it but was snowed upon most of that way.

If I had the energy I would take a hot shower, but I don’t think I could stand up that long.


Time for a beer and bed…