Just got a year end report from Word Press of my posts.  The most popular post was the one titled, “Word Press has turned into a piece of crap“.

Somehow I don’t think Word Press monitors their yearly out put data or they probably would not have sent this to me.

Counting down the days till I take off for Tucson….


Unions are the major threat to U.S. existance

Here in Minnesota we face major layoffs of people who work in the mining industry.  An industry that has been over run by union demands.  An industry that produces iron ore at such a high cost because of unions can no longer can compete with the global market.  And it is not all the unions fault, it is the companies who start up these mining activities as well.  They really don’t care if the companies fail or succeed.  They get billions of dollars from the state to start these companies.  A goodly portion of those monies goes to their chief personnel.  Millions to each.  If the company fails…  does it really matter to them?

This is how America works these days.  Build a big company that makes millions in a short time for key members.  The cost to produce the product is way beyond the global market because the unions have deemed it so to make as much as possible for the worker employees.  Result…  it folds and the only ones who come out on top are the top employees that made millions.

This country sucks!  It really does.  And it will fall.  And it will fall within my lifetime.  You 20 and 30 year old people who think you have it good will soon learn just how bad it is to live in a second world country.  Heck, you are already are in a second world country.  You will join the third world very soon.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon…  The U.S.  We will be there within a couple more years because we have priced ourselves out of the global market.  Thank you unions.  Thank you Republicans.  Thank you Government.

Trump is a clown, but a smart clown.  He is not a politician he is a business man.  He may be an idiot in the eyes of this country’s political arena, but he can make his companies work, or not work.  He knows when to fold a business because it is not profitable.  He knows when to continue when it is.  The media (run by the politicians) bash him every step of the way, but he is not a bumbling idiot like the want to make him out to be.  Yep, he knows little about politics.  Yep, he knows little about how this Government runs.  And I say, Wonderful!  Because this Government is run very poorly.  It is time to change it.  It is time to make it work.  It is time that the U.S. Government be rebuilt from the ground up so the people are actually running it like it was meant to be and not two political parties that care nothing about you or I.  And yes, he will fail because the congress still is made up of the morons who are political parties and can’t do squat except argue over who is going to get the most money.  That needs to change as well.  But at least Trump will be the first step.  Sort of like Rosa Parks.  We just need to keep the pressure on as people to make it work in the long run.  If we don’t… we will be right back to where we are now.  A total mess.


This image was taken about eight years ago (give or take).  I remember it like yesterday.

Fucking Microsoft

There needs to be a right click with a category that says, “Don’t ever show this message to me again!”  Every fifteen minutes I get a pop up on my screen that says Windows 10 can not find their own damn file, such and such.  There seems to be no way to turn this off.

Windows 10 is the worst abomination every produced since home computers came into being.


More From “The Clown”

The “Clown” is attempting to make as many stupid laws as he is capable of making before he gets his ass run out of the U.S. for good.  But it is perfectly okay with him that someone seeks around a Federal Port of Entry.  Obama even wants to reward those that do by giving these felons a drivers license and healthcare.  But if you have been caught with one too many fish…  You can shoot a lion in Africa, you just can’t bring it into the U.S. legally.

My suggestion would be…  Give your lion to a Mexican and let him seek past a Port of Entry with it.  Then when Obama gives him a drivers license he can take it right to your door.

What a fucked up idiot we have as the supposed leader of this country.  I can’t wait to see who you vote in next time!


More Windows 10 fuck ups

Since Windows 10 updated itself yesterday, everything is small on the computer.  About 90 percent.  Also notice I can no longer use the percent sign…  Having to change font size each time I turn on the computer is a pain in the ass.  But then I have to re-do all my personal settings because Microsoft wants me to use what it thinks I should be using and defaults no matter what I have set.  So what is one more in my ten minute routine in order to get me back to where I want to be.

Also the program keep searching for one of its own files and can not find it, so about every 15 minutes a pop up comes up on your screen in front of whatever you working on letting you know it can’t find its own file.

Mircosoft has turned into a real fuck up of a company.  Windows 10 is by far the most useless operating system ever designed by mankind.  Windows 2000 was hands down a better program, and that is scrapping the bottom of the computer barrel.

I’m thinking “Class Action Suit“.  They should be made to buy everyone who has Windows 10 a new computer with some one else operating system installed on it, if for no other reason than they have fucked up everybody’s computer that put their fucked up software on it.