Parelli, you lost all my respect

The Parelli calendar has been an icon for fifty years.  But their decision to use Annie Leibovitz as their photographer for their 2016 calendar was crushing.  Then, the crappy photographer decides to use clothed women of importance as the models.  Someone should have taken a #2 shovel to the side of Leibovitz’s head years ago and put her out of the misery of good photographers.

I fault Parelli for making the choice they did.  They picked one of the worst photographers in the world and let her run with her idiotic ideas.  it is a kin to letting Rosanne Barr sing the National Anthem, and we all remember that…  Well, we will also remember the 2016 Parelli calendar for being just as much a shameful experience.

The girls

I don’t hold with the myth

…that the more models in an image the better it is.  In fact, I have yet to see an image of multiple models where one would not have been better.  It may be fun to shoot with a whole bunch of naked women in the scene, but I find the results to be far from the enjoyment had only one model been there.  With multiple models you are shooting naked people.  With one model you are shooting (hopefully) a piece of art.  Maybe I just don’t get it, but I have yet to see a photo with multiple models that I really liked.  But that is me…


Phrase that bugs me for the week:  Content Sharing

One always knew what TFP meant.  It progressed into the digital age where it was sometimes referred to as TF/CD, or just TF when CDs went the way of the Dodo.  But TF is still used with a meaning that in exchange for modeling the model would receive the images.  Pretty cut and dried, although images had to be worked out as to whether they were prints or digital, but the concept was clear.

“Content Sharing”, which seems to be popular these days, tells you absolutely nothing.  You have no idea what you are getting in for.  It could mean, you model for me and I share it with the world and you actually get nothing; or it could mean you model for me and I will give you a pirated copy of Ted Nugent’ s latest concert.  You have no clue.

Social media has twisted things around so much that nothing is clear these days.  Specific meanings have been lost, and people seem to be fine with that.  I don’t get that one bit.



Something is seriously wrong

Something is seriously wrong when we read in the news about a nut with a gun, that he bought at a local gun store, walking into some building and killing a dozen people.  Then we read the headlines in the news where the military is reporting one of their billion dollar planes, launched from a trillion dollar ship. killed five ISIS members.  In the mean time another nut got himself a gun at the hardware store and shot the shit out of another bunch of people here in one of our hometowns.

Whoooooohooooo!  Our military killed five!  That sure was money well spent!  In the mean time two hundred more were indoctrinated into ISIS.

Yep!  We are doing a great job of fighting terrorists!  Not as good a job of killing people as the nut case with his 300 dollar gun, but hey…  It is a Government run business.

Really, who do you think is winning what?


What a way to live!

I was visiting a friend in Minneapolis and he had a security system on his house.  He set it before we went to bed.  In the morning I got up and really wanted to go outside and stroll about in the yard, but I couldn’t because of the alarm system.  I was a prisoner in his house until he woke up and turned it off.

What a fucking, useless way to live.  Might just as well shoot yourself in the head.


Windows 10 really sucks

You would think by now they would have worked out some of the bugs.  Damn thing crashes everyday with a message that a report is being sent to M.S. for future development.  Good grief!  Still doesn’t remember any of your setting, so when it crashes every damn day you have to go back in and reprogram all your settings.  Thunderbird email system still locks up when you try to delete something or move a message to a folder.

Gawd I hate Windows 10 with a passion.  Fucking looser OS if there ever was one.

This country needs a moment of pause.  A long fucking moment of pause.  It is so screwed up that it will take a bomb to get it thinking right once again.  People these days have no idea.  You young people (under 50) have no idea.  You are ignorant and without knowledge.  Not your fault.  It is the fault of those before you for not teaching you.  But that is what we have these days.  Stupid kids wanting to run a country.  We are in trouble.  Reap the results of your ignorance…  You brought terrorist acts upon yourself.  You did that. Not ISIS or some crap you hear on the news.  You did that yourself. Well… Welcome to the new world you brought upon yourselves.    Stupid kids!

Woodland Experience
Woodland Experience

A Country For Anyone

This country was based on open arms, and it should remain so.  But lets not forget all about the laws we have either.

If a person wants to come into this country, they are welcome to do so legally.  If they decide they would like to live here, they are welcome to do so legally.

Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal.

I would like to see someone take a stand and say, any illegal immigrants in this country have 14 days to exit.  Any illegal immigrants found in this country after that period will be executed.  And that includes children, so take yours with you as you leave.

Why does this clown we have for a president want to forget all about the laws we have when it comes to these people who broke our laws by sneaking in undetected like a terrorist would?  Does Obama have shit for brains?  You and I get a ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, but avoid legal entry into this country and he was to forget all about the laws.  Got to be shit for brains.