Here we go again

The U.S. is poking its nose in places we do not belong, and we are doing it because that is the way we operate.  We are nothing but a bunch of assholes.  I hope China blows one of our big ships out of the water.  Of course the U.S. Government will tell the American people it was not our fault, like they always do.  And for the most part the American people will believe that crap.

It is embarrassing to be an American these days.

After a most intensive orgasm.


Grand Rapids Minnesota

This has got to be the prudish part of the country.  Way worse than the Bible Belt.  The Catholic Church Ladies run everything.  And I mean, everything.  They run the City Government, and they run the County Government.  What they say, goes.

Grand Rapids tries to tout itself as an art community, but that is just a thin mask they put on for tourists.  If any art has a nude figure in it…  Not In Our Town!  A couple of years ago they built a web site where artists could show their work.  I joined.  Spent hours uploading my work with encouragement from the gal who was suppose to be in charge of getting the site together.  One day, all my work and my portfolio on there were gone.  The Catholic Church Ladies saw it and had me removed.  That is who runs Grand Rapids.  Not the Mayor, or the City Council.  That is who runs the County, not the county board.  The Catholic Church Ladies.

I once had my work in Grand Rapids prestige, MacRostie Art Center.   I got a call letting me know they were going to pull my art off the walls because some school kids were going through on a tour.  I told them to keep my work down and do not put it back up.

40 miles to the north I have had my work displayed in the Edge Center Gallery which is attached to a K-12 school.  Four times I have had my work in that gallery.  The school kids wander in and out all the time.  No one pulls work off the walls when a student walks in.

Grand Rapids is nothing but a farce.


In the news this morning

Hibbing Daily Tribune

HIBBING — A bear was shot by Hibbing Police officers Saturday morning after it ran up a tree and refused to come down.

This has got to rank among “Podunk Towns” top five.



Abs, somewhere near the Wisconsin / U.P. Michigan boarder.  Not exactly sure where we were at.  Just driving around and found this small stream and it look like a reasonable place to get naked.


Ten Dollar Bill

Hold one up and ask people who the person is on the bill.  Almost everyone will say, Thomas Jefferson, which is incorrect.  When you say that it is Alexander Hamilton they will always nod yes.  Then ask who Alexander Hamilton was and you will find most people will tell you he was a president.  WTF?

History of this country has gone down the tubes.  Big time!

I blame cell phones.  Cell phones have allowed people to connect to everything they want, but nothing useful.  We have a nation STUPID because of cell phones. Our schools allow cell phones in the class room as a learning tool.  They allow i-Pads as a learning tool.  But where are the people who actually teach?  Where is the knowledge coming from?  What you want to learn and what you should learn are two different things.

Internet knowledge is a good thing, but it should not be the only thing.  What you want to learn and what you should be learning are two different things.

I am really saddened by what I see in our school systems these days.  The United States of America has degraded to the point of letting their children learn what they want to learn and not what is important so they can make reasonable decisions in the future.

We have become the lessor of the countries.  We have become a country where people live by the day and have no knowledge of the past.  No knowledge of mistakes and no understanding of consequences. And I fear for our future.

Another from this last weekend.   "Sarah's Coffin"
Another from this last weekend.
“Sarah’s Coffin”


Moron, Governor Dayton / And Dumb Politicians

If you read this article it makes it sound like the idiot Governor of this State, and the other legislators have some clue what they are doing.

However they don’t because they do not know the laws, or they care to ignore the laws to get people to vote for these stupid ideas.

Mines do not have to clean up anything when they are done mining.  That is the law.  This idiot Governor can have the mining company’s assurance that they will clean up the toxic mess left behind, but then, they don’t have to.

We already saw this with the “Big Spill” in the Colorado River two months ago.  Why was the EPA cleaning up the toxic waste from an old mining operation and not the mining company that created it, you might ask.  Well our tax dollars were cleaning it up (spilling it into the river) because the mining company doesn’t have to because of the law.

The 1872 Mining Law (pdf), which allows corporations to mine for minerals on public lands but does not require them to pay to restore the land once they’re done with it.

“Under this outdated law, mining companies are able to extract billions of dollars of minerals on America’s public lands essentially for free, often with no liability for environmental cleanup,”

Governor, you are only pulling the wool over the eyes of the ignorant, and you are showing us just how stupid you really are.  Rape the land for your percentage of the take and fuck the natural resources of this State.  You have got to be the worst Governor ever.

Making noise like the mining company must have the funds to clean up the toxic site when they are done sounds like you have the interest of the State and its people in mind.  They very well may have the funds for clean up, but why clean it up when they don’t have to and the people will foot the bill for the toxic clean up.  That was a statement, not a question.

Dayton is the worst thing that has happened to Minnesota.  Nothing but  pawn of the mining companies who will rape the State and leave it a toxic dump.


Clinton vs Trump

That is what it is going to come to.

On the one hand you have a woman who has lied to the American people time and time again.

On the other hand you have someone who has no political experience what-so-ever.

I’m for the later.  True, he won’t be able to do anything he wants to do because he will be hamstrung  by Congress, who are a bunch of dorks, but hey, at least he will have something to offer besides the lies that this Government has bombarded us with for the last thirty years.

Time for a change.  Time to step away from the offerings this Government has and pick a new leader.  Time to scrap the Congress for new blood.  Time to take back this Government and make it representative of the the people like it was meant to be.   Trump is a start.  Not the best start, but a start.  A step in the right direction.

Clinton is a hard core Government employee that is in this game for herself, not you.  But the American people are stupid enough that she will get elected.  They have no ability to rationally think things out and take in all that has happened, just go for a woman.


One of the Kinsey Institute’s permanent collection.  Abigail.

Illegal Immigrants

They should be shot.

We are a nation that welcomes immigrants.  Legal immigrants.  Want to bypass the legal system, then you should pay the price.  And the price is terrorism.  There is no other justification to this issue.  You can enter this country legally, or you can come in as a terrorist.  Non legal immigrants should be regarded as terrorists, and they should be shot.

If you think otherwise you part part of the problem.


But for some reason the people of this country think that those who enter illegally through Mexico are not the same as those who would enter from Iran or Syria.  And you people are morons.  You people campaigned for Obama to be president.  That should say it all.  People with no clue what is really going on, but they want their yard taken care of by Mexican people who work for next to nothing.  Rich people..  Stupid people.

Come into this country illegally and get shot.  That is the way it should be.  But the the rich can’t deal with that.  They want their yard groomed.  Fucking morons!