You have this report that says drivers are hitting more deer.

Then you have this report that says Minnesota DNR want to bring the deer herd population up.

What do you think?  Minnesota DNR is a bunch of idiots that are just after hunter dollars?  Me too.

The idea of natural resources has gone the way of the Dodo.  The DNR (Does Nothing Right) is just after dollars to fund their ridiculous enterprise.  Natural resources are a thing of the past.  They just want to stock stupid fish in lakes for people to catch, and bring a deer heard up to ungodly levels for people to shoot.  None of which ever existed in this state before the Does Nothing Right got involved.  It is all about dollars to fund their ludicrous budget.

I wonder when the people are going to take back this Government.  But then again, I know better.  They want to catch silly fish and shoot dumb deer.  They are happy idiots, and they like how this Government is going.

Sorry state of affairs for the natural resources however.

Hey!  Let’s import rhinoceros into Minnesota for the idiots to shoot.  I bet they would pay a gizzion dollars for a chance to bag one.  You dorks!

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The U.S.

The United States is a place where things just go haywire.  Everywhere else in the world, people go ahead because they feel the need to make a contribution in society.  And people, no matter what race move along at a somewhat equal pace.  Not here however.  In the U.S. we pay people to stay on welfare.  We pay people to stay in poverty.  And so goes the racial tension.  Other countries look at us and can’t figure out why the white people hate the blacks, or the black people hate the whites, or everybody hates the native Americans.  It is because we have built this country that way.  We help the black people stay where they are in poverty.  We pay them to stay there.  We pay the native Americans to stay on their reservations.  We create this country that has such bigotry for each other.  Other countries look at us and wonder why whites hate blacks here.  That is simple.  Because we made them to be a people that lives in a poverty state, who has little education and is willing to steal and loot to make a living.  We do that, not them.  And it will be a long time before this country fesses up and admits that.  Why?  Because are you willing to build a school in one of those neighborhood that will get trashed in a couple of day? Of course you are not.  But there in lies the problem here in the U.S.  A generation of mind set vs change.  They are not going to change over night, and neither are the ones who want that.  You can’t create low income housing and then expect the people to grow up in the medical profession.  We need to create equal housing, where everyone has the same opportunity.   Making low income housing the the black population just makes it worse.  And that is how this country operates.  We don’t create low income housing for whites.  We create it for blacks, Hispanics, and others that we don’t want living among us in our pristine neighborhoods.   And so it goes…  The U.S. will never be where England is in terms of equal rights, or equal people.  We just don’t want it to be so.  Pay them to stay poor and ignorant.   Pay them to be less than what we think is human.  And they will be as such because we made them as such.

There is a difference in this country between white and blacks, but it is only because we have created that situation, not because there really is a difference.



I had a fantastic crop of grapes this year.  Best ever.  The plants were loaded with big bunches of grapes.  And like every year, Rocky the flying squirrel and his family came in at night and ate them all about three days before I was going to harvest them.  Every last grape.  And so it goes….  I only hope they all had stomach aches the next day.

Been working on my kids car, repairing the brakes.  A 1963 Bonneville.  Finally got it all back together and running good.  I am pooped!  I need some down time.  I need to get away with a model for a few days up to the north shore.  I need some snuggling.  I need to be alone with a gal where no one else is and we can be who we really are for a couple of days.  I need a break from reality.


Media Companies and Stupid People

Use to be that TV was free.  You turned on your tv set and could watch anything you wanted, and it was free.  All you had to do was endure the commercials every 15 minutes.  The commercials paid for the programming.

Then the Media Companies told you about this new thing they have where you pay them so much a month and you don’t have to endure the commercials.  And all was well and good for about two years.  Then the commercials came back.  The companies that were having commercials were paying, and you were also paying.  And the stupid American people just went along with it.

Now you have what you had before, only you are forking over money for what you had gotten free a few years ago.  What became of your brain cells?  Are you people really that stupid?  I guess so.

Humans are innovative, but really are one of the dumbest creatures on earth.  Something below pigs and horses in terms of smarts.  We are not the highest animal on this planet.  We are just able to communicate better and think up more stupid stuff to do.

Give me a good dog as a friend over any human anytime.  The dog is smarter.  May not be as constructive, but far smarter.


The one true democracy in this country

There is only one real democracy in this country.  Television.  It is 100 percent controlled by the people as to what is shown.  The people make all the choices.

And judging by what is on television these days….  I rest my case as to whether the people should be allowed to vote who runs this Government.

Don't pee on the rock if we are going to use it as a prop!
Don’t pee on the rock if we are going to use it as a prop!

The Red Screen Of Death

With Windows 10 we have the Red Screen of Death, which locks your computer up totally and the only thing you can do is shut it down with the power button.  Seems to happen about once a day and is getting very old, very fast.

In Microsoft’s attempt to release Windows 10 for the start of the school year, they released a pile of dog poop instead of a usable operating system.  And if only from me, they will get more bad publicity for having turned this piece of crap loose on the world than Carter has pills.

Pretty nice ass for a 40 year old, I thought.