Why do you stupid people

…put so much of your life into idiotic technology?

It is showing up here…

And here…

Everything you do these days is able to be controlled by someone else because you live by idiot toys that others can control.  You are addicted to these toys.  Like a little kid sitting in front of the TV…

Life is not about digital toys.  If you walk around with a cell phone slapped to the side of your head…  you need slapping upside the head with a 2X4.

If you think your car needs a computer…  you need to go back to school and understand that cars worked just fine 20 years ago without one.    They don’t make anything easier or safer.  They don’t make your car last longer.  They just cost you a lot more money and they turn on idiot lights that you hate to see on your dashboard.  Thank you, automakers!  Assholes!

Throw away that silly cell phone.  You were fine not talking to anyone before you got it.  What happened?  You got sucked in because you are a weak minded idiot.  That’s what happened.

Apple loves you morons.  They make billions off of brainwashed idiots, just like you.

I don’t care to hear your sorry ass excuses as to why you wouldn’t have one except for the fact that….

You own one because you are a weak minded fool.  Period.



Author: shadowscape Studio

Lover of women; camping; hiking; road trips; and cameras. Put them altogether and you have, me. Located in northern Minnesota, but willing to roll out at a moment notice for an excursion across America with a lady.

3 thoughts on “Why do you stupid people”

  1. Toys are fine. They keep people occupied with mindless distractions.

    Electronic enhanced, wirelessly controlled sniper scopes? Well that’s just fucking stupid. Learn how to aim the damn rifle or go back to a desk job.

    But the real insanity is the electronically controlled cars. Started with electronic fuel injection for emissions. They sold every body on the idea that those infinitesimal tweaks would reduce emissions and raise gas mileage. Created a delicate balance in an under-maintained machine that no wrench jockey could ever figure out how to fix it.

    They did figure out how to bypass and rig them though. Which is what is happening to these fancy computerized contraptions.

    Look around the next time you’re riding around. There will be some old guy, barely makes enough money to put gas in the old clunker much less pay the labor to have some kid hook it up to the computer for testing. A bent nail and twisted wire worked fine with that old F150 pickup. But wait till the power lead loses connection to the electronic brake and steering unit going through a school zone. Or the automatic parallel parking program gets activated on the highway.

    And you’d better go back further than just twenty years to avoid computers in that car.

  2. I’ll get interested in those computer controlled cars that drive themselves when I can do like Roy when he would whistle and Trigger would come to the rescue. I was thinking – you are at the bar and you call it on your fancy schmancy phone to drive you home. If you’re drunk and it is driving you home but you are not physically controlling it – would that still be DUI?

    One of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a while was on car recalls. Last night the local channel had a news item about recalls and it said that if you take your car into the dealer for some routine maintenance the dealers are not required to tell you that recalls are due on your car or to automatically fix them while they have your car. It’s up to you to ask them if there is any and to ask they be fixed. The only time a dealer is required by law to fix a recall is if you trade a car in. Then they must fix all recalls before it can be resold.

    Although another segment did provoke a laugh. A council member in Chicago wants to tax sugar drinks – any drink that contains sugar. Here’s where I laughed – he says it will end obesity and he thinks it would generate 135 million in revenue for the city. He says its a win for the health of the people and the city. What I think is that these people should go in front the magic mirror and say things like that out loud before going public with such stupid thoughts. Because I’m sure it would tell him – sometimes it’s better to leave some thoughts in your head until they go away on their own.

    D.L. Wood

    1. Taxing any drink with sugar could be the magic bullet to solve our cities’ debt woes. Especially considering that EVERY drink has sugar of some form in it.

      But as for eliminating obesity? I worked with guy who was slightly round, pudgy comes to mind. He started eating candy bars throughout the day and slimmed down in short order. we thought it might have jacked his metabolism up so high.

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