Why do you stupid people

…put so much of your life into idiotic technology?

It is showing up here…

And here…

Everything you do these days is able to be controlled by someone else because you live by idiot toys that others can control.  You are addicted to these toys.  Like a little kid sitting in front of the TV…

Life is not about digital toys.  If you walk around with a cell phone slapped to the side of your head…  you need slapping upside the head with a 2X4.

If you think your car needs a computer…  you need to go back to school and understand that cars worked just fine 20 years ago without one.    They don’t make anything easier or safer.  They don’t make your car last longer.  They just cost you a lot more money and they turn on idiot lights that you hate to see on your dashboard.  Thank you, automakers!  Assholes!

Throw away that silly cell phone.  You were fine not talking to anyone before you got it.  What happened?  You got sucked in because you are a weak minded idiot.  That’s what happened.

Apple loves you morons.  They make billions off of brainwashed idiots, just like you.

I don’t care to hear your sorry ass excuses as to why you wouldn’t have one except for the fact that….

You own one because you are a weak minded fool.  Period.



List of inappropriate models

Good Grief!

Every now and then a model will post some stupid list of who they think are inappropriate photographers.  Sometimes they will even give details, be them true or false, as to why these photographers are inappropriate.  It is all garbage!  Done by immature girls with a grudge.

I think it is time to make a list of inappropriate models.

First let us get some background.  I have been photographing nude women and girls for 40 years.  Most of them kiss their photographers.  They all hug their photographers.  More than half will grab their photographer’s ass given the chance.  I have had more tongues stuck in my mouth by models than Cater has fart pills.  On photo trips we sleep together; snuggle together; and hold each other.  I have had more than a couple of dozen hands find their way about my body.  And you know what?  This is how models and photographers get along.  And it is nice to be that close to people you work with.  I don’t mind one bit.

But although it is fine with both parties, it is only fine until a photographer voices some opinion that is contrary to what the model believes in.  Usually it is some issue related to gay marriage; idiot presidents; or some other such crap that pisses them off.  Then all of a sudden they decide that all the kissing and hugging and things they willing did with you over the course of several years and fifteen shoots was inappropriate.  And they put you on their list that they made because someone pissed them off enough that they think making a list of inappropriate photographers is a way of releasing frustrations.

I don’t recall ever having been on one of those lists, but I have worked with enough wacky models that I easily could end up on one of them.

So I have my list of models that could be on my list of inappropriate models.  Some 120 models.  But you know what?  They really didn’t do anything inappropriate.  Even if I got upset with them over some stupid topic that we disagreed upon.  Men don’t act like that.  Men don’t go off in left field and forget our own participation in the act, like these wacky models do.  They were there.  They were just as guilty.  But it is the photographer who is on their list.  Not them.

That all said,  there are photographers that are inappropriate.  There are models that are inappropriate.  They are short lived.  Models and photographers that have been around for a long time and have worked with each other for years on tens of sets don’t belong on lists because one of them got pissed about something the other said that had nothing to do with modeling or photography.  That is silly, childish bullshit.  I have seen it too many times, and it makes me want to slap these gals up side the head with a 2X4 because they have the brain power of a six year old that needs to be taught that there are more people out there in this world than just them.

Got a new photographer that you worked with once and found to be a pervert?  Fine!  But if you post a notice about a photographer you have worked with for years….  You are a wacko with a grudge.

So here we are.  Dave’s list of inappropriate models:

Everyone I have every worked with.  And I can’t wait for them to be inappropriate with me again.

What a fucking bunch of Hippocrates.  I recently saw a model that I have worked with for years post a list of inappropriate photographers.  And it was nothing more than a re-post that some other model posted.  Nothing confirmed.  No facts.  And she had her tongue in my mouth; slept in the same bed with me many times; grabbed my ass during passionate kisses while in my house with my wife present.  Man…  if I ever said something she didn’t like I can just imagine what she would have to say about me.  Of course, there would be no mention as to her acts of inappropriate behavior.   That part doesn’t count.  What a fruit loop!  She recently posted an image of herself where she had been beaten to a bloody mess.  Go figure…  Wacko comes to mind.  And should anybody pay any attention this her post about inappropriate photographers?  Not in the least.  But she does damage.  Her kind of damage.  Worthless, childish damage.

I’m on a tangent.  Sorry!  I will leave you with an image, which is why you are here.


LOML…  past, present and future.