What a bunch of horse hock

The senators will go along with whoever fronts up the biggest pocketbook of cash.    Live stock and pets?  You have got to be kidding!  How much damage do those fucking deer you keep wanting to double in numbers cause each year?  Hundreds of time the dollars in damage!  Plant five hundred dollars worth of flowers and vegetables each spring, and within days those fucking deer have ate everything.  And you are saying that the wolves do damage?  WTF!  These people have never seen a wolf in the wild.  They wouldn’t even know what one looked like if they had not seen pictures of them.

Minnesota and Wisconsin are the most fucked up States when it comes to Natural Resources.  DNR,  “Does Nothing Right” is perfect.  Money, that is all they care about.  Money for hunting licenses.  Dollars from the Deer Hunters Associations.  Kill of the native fish and stock it with fish that can’t reproduce so they need to re-stock every year.  Smart people we have in our DNR.  A bigger bunch of clowns never existed outside the White House.

There in nothing remotely funny about our Government.  We have a Supreme Court that violates the Constitution in order to keep the insurance companies happy.  We have politicians backing the money instead of the people and their State.  We have DNR selling off the natural resources of the States for money.  We have an idiot as a President.  We have a Congress that just wants to make their own lives better off and fuck the people they are suppose to be working for.

America is a third world country with frills.



This has to be the most annoying website out there.

I wish I had never signed up for it.  I’m glad I never got involved with Facebook, but LINKEDIN has got to be worse than even that.  I could be wrong.  I often am.

Never again will I sign up for one of these social media sites, even if they were suppose to be about business.  Fucking LINKEDIN!  Assholes!




In my lifetime I have lived through the Government and the health industry telling me, Milk was bad for you; Eggs were bad for you; Chocolate was bad for you; and countless other things were bad for you.  These days all those thing are now good for you.  The latest being chocolate.

Let’s face it.  The Government and the health industry are clueless.  And then throw in the lobbyists pushing certain foods and you have total lies being told by everybody.  Those who don’t really know; those who think they know; and those know but don’t give a shit because it will make them money.

So eat what-ever you want to eat.  The rest is just a pile of bullshit.

If one looked at it realistically you would realize that humans are carnivores.  Through evolution we have adapted to eating meat and any other thing we could get our hands upon.  Thousands upon thousands of years of adapting.  And now you really want to listen to a Government that is run by lobbyist groups who farm vegetables?  Oh yeah!  Evolution has adapted me to being a carnivore, but all of a sudden the farmers of vegetables put enough pressure on the Government (money) that vegetables are the best choice for us to eat.   Do you have a moment of pause here?  If not, you should just got out into the alley and shoot yourself now and be done with it.

This country is run by lobbyists who represent people trying to make money off of your stupidity.  And they are not having any difficulties.


Model going over the falls.  Oooooops!

The term, Camera has changed.

During wet plate; film; and all the other mediums used, a camera was nothing more than a light tight box.  You put your film, or other substance inside and exposed it to light via some sort of lens you attached to your light tight box.  As photography grew the manufactures of these light tight boxes added features such as film advance; light meters; and auto focus.  But the camera was still just a light tight box with do dads added to it.  It was meant to keep unwanted light off your film.  Period!

Then came digital.  One could still call them nothing more than light tight boxes as they still do just that.  They keep light off your sensor.  You still have to put a lens on the front to focus the light onto that sensor, and there is still the shutter that only allows so much light to enter that light tight box at any given point in time.  But the idea that the camera is just a light tight box no longer holds true.  They now recognize faces; compensate for movement; adjust white balance; correct colors.  Added features to the light tight box just like film advance but a whole lot more.

A good photographer still looks at their camera as a light tight box.  It doesn’t matter how much crap has been added to the software inside to do all the work for you.  I don’t know of a good photographer that picks up a camera and just starts blasting away thinking the software will do all the work for them.  The good photographers need to think.  They need to understand what is about to happen and make adjustments that go way beyond what the light tight box thinks needs to happen.  Both will get good photos.  The dufus that lets the camera do all the work will end up with a nice photo that they will be happy with.  The good photographer will end up with a great photo that might end up on a gallery wall because they understood what they really wanted to happen and not what some camera designer decided most people will be happy with.

So I suggest you take your light tight box and go out and play.  Be it an i-Phone 6 or a Deardorff  8X10.  Me?  I’ll take the Deardorff any day.  I don’t need anything more than a light tight box.


Nia #12

612 Billion

That is 612 BILLION dollars the Senate passed for defense spending this year.  One would think that our nuclear weapons would not go out of date, like beer.  Just think if we said, “Hey, our weapons are good enough for another year of doing absolutely nothing, like they have been doing for the last forty years”, what that money could do…  Homeless?  Wouldn’t exist.  Poverty?  Wouldn’t exist.  Health care?  Wouldn’t be a problem at all.

This Government is so far out of hand that it would be impossible to take it back without a full revolution by the American People.  And the people are so stupid they will never do that.

I’m for a total collapse of this country at this point.  It needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.


Spoon Blocker

Why is it

…that I can be born a male and decide I want to be female and it is perfectly okay.  But some gal who is white decides she is black and the world comes down on her like a ton of bricks.

How fucked up is that?

Stop the world!  I want to get off!

All of you are nothing but a bunch of figgin lunatics.

by female photographers 3

Out of the fog.

Greenhouse update

I have begun putting the glass panes in the roof.  Carrying 5′ X 3′ panes of glass up  an extension ladder 14 feet up is somewhat of a scary thing, and I have only installed 3 of the 14 so far.  My glazing skills should improve as i go along.  At the moment it looks like some drunken baboon has been doing the glazing.  I haven’t glazed a window in about 45 years, and it is somewhat un-nerving to be straddling a 3 foot wide pane of glass as you try and neatly lay down a bead of glazing compound.  But it progresses.  Fortunately I ran out of glazing compound and the lumber yard will not be getting any more in until tomorrow.  “Miller Time”


Morning Bath