Really, what are you people thinking?

It is not only Christians, it is all religions.

If you are old and close to death, and you get the urge to believe there must be life beyond death because you can’t grasp being gone forever, then go ahead and be religious.  It is there for those weak minded people who can’t deal with death.  But don’t subject children to adults who are a bit below average in mental capacity that work in that field and have forsaken what we call everyday sex urges.  These people are bottled up predators who are just waiting for a chance to be alone with your kids.  All religions included.

If your kids end up as weak minded as you did, let them find their god when they are getting ready to die.  Don’t subject them to your idiotic religions when they are young and vulnerable to the predators that work in the religion field.  If you do, you have no one to blame but yourself if they are molested by your religion leaders.  You did it, not them.

Why anyone would believe that a religious leader is nothing other than a pent up sexual predator is beyond me.  Figure it out.  Really!

Tomorrow I take off for a weekend of good times.  And somehow I will leave this sad world behind me and live for a few days in happiness.

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Friday is almost here

After a month and a half (long,long) wait Friday is almost here.  Friday is when I gather one of my favorite people up and head for a spot to shoot the following day.  It will be just one day of shooting because she will not arrive until midnight on Friday, then we drive for two more hours.  Saturday we shoot, if she wakes up.  Sunday I will have to stuff her back on a plane for home.

And wouldn’t you know it!  The weather has been great, and will continue to be great come Sunday and then after.  But Saturday will be cold with thunder storms…

Going about on par with the rest of my year.  But I am not going to let some thunder storms slow me down.  Not one bit.

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Headlines: Why Milwaukee acted like they did

It is not rocket science.  We don’t need analysts or psychiatrists trying to figure it out.  The people of Milwaukee acted like they did because they are animals with little to no capacity to think as human beings.

I have always stood by my statement that we should put up borders around and city larger than 5 thousand and only allow people from inside to leave those borders if they have taken a test that proves they are capable of mingling with decent folks.  90+ percent would never pass the test and have to remain within those borders.  Big city people are different.  They are the scum of humanity, and I for one am glad they choose to live among their own kind and not infiltrate the rest of the country that is decent.  As it is, they escape from time to time to fire guns off where other people live, or raise hell in other people’s neighborhoods from time to time.  I really hate city people.  They don’t care one bit about the people who don’t live in that city they do.  Hell, they don’t even care about the people who live in their own city.  The mentality of City People is about on par with that of a four year old that has never been disciplined.

There is a difference between races.  There is a difference between cultures.  And there is a big difference between decent folks and City People.


Sorry I have not been around much

Serious depression set in and it took its toll.  Right now I am walking around like a zombie with no personality at all.  No motives.  No ambition.  No willingness to even think about talking to the wife or doing laundry.

It will pass.  It always has.  At least up until now…


One of my first nude images taken with a digital camera.  Nikon D-1.  2.7 MPs.  I was challenged by a studio photographer that shot Hasselblads that I could not take a photo outdoors with what we consider a full dynamic range.  She was going to shoot one with her Blad and I was to use the D-1.  Although it was a tough challenge with the Nikon D-1, I managed to get this shot, not monkeyed with in Photoshop.  Hell, I didn’t even own a Photoshop program back then, or any other kind of photo editing software.  She was blown away to say the least, and conceded that digital may have a future.  I think it was about five years later that she switched to digital in her studio.  Of course she had to have the Hasselblad digital back with 15 MPs at a cost of around 27 thousand dollars.  Today that is pretty crappy compared to what we have now.  Still, that D-1 with its 2.7 MP sensor did some wonderful work for me.  Oh, and that is Sarah Jean when she was about 17 years old somewhere up on the Cascade River in northern Minnesota.  I would like to find that spot again but have been unable to stumble my way onto it during the last 20 years.


I think

…I have mentioned once or twice just how much I hate the Minnesota DNR (Does Nothing Right).

They are wasting millions of dollars trying (pretending to try) to keep zebra muscles out of the lakes.  What they really are doing is inflating their budget for new programs that will stay inflated well after the problem no longer exists, because the zebra muscles will get into every lake anyway.  They are pretending to cover their ass for when someone says. “Why couldn’t you stop it?”  Of course it is impossible to stop, and they get a bigger budget in pretending to try that will continue forever.

The local DNR people just shake their heads at the dorks in St. Paul that come up with this stuff, and the politicians that run the DNR (Does Nothing Right).

A reasonable Governor would fire their money wasting asses, but that would require a reasonable Governor, and that ain’t going to happen.

Same dorks as the people running for president of this country.  I tell you, we need to scrap the whole lot and start fresh.




Now this really pisses me off

This society is so damn twisted that it makes me sick from time to time.  We went from sodomy as something that sent you to prison for a long time, to, it is perfectly fine.  Men can have sex with men, and they can get married.  All well and good.  Then comes along THIS.  And you can’t deal with it!  You people are fucked up something terrible.  Two consenting adults.  Who gives a rat’s ass if they are related.  And don’t give me that bull shit about in breading crap.  Most animals in this world do and it is just fine.  You just can’t deal with it.  You can deal with a lot of sillier stuff when it comes to sex, but not this?

I am so tired of how this society looks at things and decides what is right and is wrong.  You are so twisted and fucked up that it will be amazing if we survive as a human race.

Morning Exercises

From a long time ago, somewhere in Canada.  Goes with the image from the last post.