Okay… I did the ultimate bad thing

I joined FaceBook.  Sorry!!!!!!!   I know you would like to kill me where I stand, and I don’t blame you one bit.  I wanted to connect with my childhood friend that I spent grades 1 through 8 with.  The only way I could see to do that was through this god damn FaceBook crap.  I hate FaceBook and the moron who started it, but what is, is.

So I spent a day looking up people from my past.  Now that I have found them I see no advantage to having done so.  They didn’t mean a thing to me last week, so why should they be important today.

Life moves on.  We have friends and we move on.  Dragging up old friends seems to be a waste of time and energy because they want to talk.  And there is really nothing to talk about if you think about it.  They have their life and I have mine.  Neither of us were involved.  Yeah, you can reminisce about old times, but then what is left to be said.

Social media is a thing for lonely soles that have no life.  People that need to connect to others, even if the other people don’t want to be bothered by them.  If I liked you that much we would be in touch on a regular basis via telephone; letters; or in person.  FaceBook is a poor substitute for contact.  It is a way to have contact without actually having contact.  A place for people with no life to interject stuff into other people’s lives with no aftermath.

But that is what this society has become.  Internet related without ever actually having met those we talk with.  Since I signed up with F.B. I have gotten a gazillion friends requests from photographers i know the names of but have never met in person.   A half a gazillion requests from models I know the names of but have never met.  And a couple gazillion requests from people who I have no idea who or what they do.  So why would I make you a friend if I have no clue who you are?  Or what you are?  If I haven’t met you and really liked you, you don’t have a chance in hell.

I enjoyed talking with my childhood friend.  We have not spoken for 50 some years.  He looks old, but I probably do as well.


“Little Shade”

My best friend on a petrified tree, somewhere in South Dakota.

Once Again

The assholes at Microsoft fucked up my computer settings.  They did a major update.  Don’t do it unless you have two hours to kill.  Then, as always my setting were gone.  My wallpaper was gone.

I don’t mind updates if they would leave the things I alone that I have set in place.  These people really piss me off, and that is why I will be going to Apple next time I upgrade my computer.  I have had it with Microsoft.

And as far as I can see so far, this two hour update did nothing useful.  Just a way for you to use more Microsoft products.



Americans are dumber than dumb

I see more and more sites offering what they call, Free Shipping.  Wayfair; Amazon Prime; Wal-Mart; some pet food company; and the list goes on and on.  The American public believe they are not paying for shipping. Who do they think is paying for it?  if you are not being charged a shipping cost, it has been added onto the price.  You are paying for the shipping one way or another.  With Amazon Prime, they are charging the seller for the shipping cost for each item.  That seller is marking up the price to cover that shipping cost, which you are paying.  And Amazon is making money because if you buy several of an item, it cost them less than if they shipped each item separate, thus they made money from the seller because the seller already added the cost of shipping to each item individually.

But, Americans have always believed hooey that advertising companies put out.  Americans truly are dumb.

It’s been coming for some time


I wonder just how stupid the human race can be….

Seems 50% of the people have a religion.  They are all different, and each one seems to think their’s is the only true one.

The other 50% have figured it out.

There is no God.  There is no life after death.  You die and you are like the mouse you caught in your trap last night.  You will never be again.  You were not here for the last 10 billion years.  You won’t be here for the next ten billion years, or for that matter, never again.  Deal with it and quit this stupid shit about another world you will be in.

I’m tired of the religious nuts who can’t deal with reality and death, so I am signing off.


Fox news

What a sad piece of news reporting.  Fox news report was about how one Navy Seal was killed and three other wounded in Trumps first assault on ISIS.  That was the Fox news total report, with the exception of the lady news person giving a big, “Sigh!” at the end.

What Fox news didn’t say was that 14 top member of ISIS were killed in that raid.

Job Well done.  Fuck you, Fox news.  Trump did in a week what Obama didn’t do in eight years of fumbling about trying to appease the liberals and black voters.  And he did it without killing a whole bunch of civilians in the process, like Obama did time and time again.

Chalk up another 14 points for a new world leader.

Like I have said…  The guy is a moron as a person, but he knows how to get things done.  Something the last five presidents couldn’t do, or wouldn’t do because they didn’t know how, or they were afraid to step on some ethnic toes for political reasons that make no sense except to further the misdirection of this Government.

I’m already predicting that he will be elected for a second term if he doesn’t burn out before then.  The heart of America stand behind him.  The “big city” liberals don’t carry as much power as they think they do.  The heartland likes what he has planned, and his first week has shown us what we want to see.

Sarah 012

My image is just to rub salt into someone’s wounds.  All in fun, of course.  We can differ and still remain friends.  That is how reasonable people behave.

Damn, I’m tied of zombie movies and episodes.  And American’s think Trump is stupid….  



If you listen to the oral arguments from the Supreme Court one wonders why you can copyright song lyrics that talk about derogatory names of groups of people; killing police; or raping children, but you can’t trademark the name, Slants because it is derogatory.  

Both the trademark program and the copyright program are Government run.  Much of the Justice’s arguments  were that they would be putting out data with derogatory information if they allowed a trademark with the name, Slants, but they didn’t seem to have any problem with putting out data that has song lyrics that do the same, or worse.

Seems to me the Justices want it both ways.  They seem to want to limit free speech when it comes to trademarks.  They actually said, We just want nice things for trademarks, because it is a Government program, and we are the Government, and we don’t want derogatory terms in trademarks.  Yet their other program (copyright) allows it.

What happen to free speech?  

It all boils down to, the Government wants to get rid of names, like The Washington Redskin because current social views have changed and the limp wrist liberals are now running things and want to chip away at the Constitution a tad more because they find something offensive.

I would not be a bit surprised that they begin denying copyright in the near future because of offensive things.  

Kelsey 120511-2 010
Kelsey Dylan ~ “Haunting Desire”

My take

We have someone that the press; a large portion of the population; and the Democrats do not want as President.  Mute point, as he is our President now.  So bitching about it, or constantly pissing and moaning will not accomplish a thing.   The women who marched that were there because of Trump should be rounded up and put in detention cells for being dim witted.  You only wasted your money going there and doing that, and then going back home.  If you were there for other reason, fine, but to show up for a protest against Trump just tells me you are an idiot.  He is our President and will be for the next four years.  You are not helping the situation one damn bit.

Rather than piss the guy off, wouldn’t it be better to try and work with him and make him see things in a clearer light?   That would be your light not mine, for I think he has a lot of good ideas.  Industry wrecking NAFTA; worthless United Nations; and borders that do not keep illegal people out of this country are serious concerns.  We already have laws against people sneaking into this country illegally, but the last few presidents didn’t seem to give a hoot about enforcing the laws we have.  And Obama gave the people who broke the laws of this country, drivers licenses!  Time to turn the clocks back and enforce our laws.  Time to scrap that idiotic Affordable Care Act (Obamacare as you know it) because it is stupid and cost people more money than having nothing at all.  It was a moronic thing created by an idiot from the get go. And it doesn’t work, except for the insurance companies.  

And of you people who are protesting…  I have viewed Hillary in the last week, have you?  Acting like a spoiled brat child of six.  Would you rather have that spoiled brat child of six running this country?  I sure would not.  She had proven to us that she lies to the American people time and time again.  That she couldn’t take action when needed and lots of lives were lost.  She proved to us time and time again that she was incapable of running any sort of branch of this Government.  

You might not agree with what Trump has in mind.  But he is our President for the next four years.  Let us make the most of it and contribute something positive rather than make his job miserable, because if you do that, the outcome will be miserable for sure, and it will partially your fault.  The President does not have all that much power, despite what you might think.  He alone can not build a damn wall (of which would not keep one illegal Mexican out of this country);  he alone can not launch a nuclear weapon.

I’m all for protecting our borders.  And that goes as far as shooting anyone who crosses at any place other than a legal entry point.  Caught crossing and be tried for terrorism, then jailed for life.  We have legal means to enter this country.  Use it!  Anybody who argues that we all came here from some other country forgets that we did it legally.  Illegal entry is against the law.  Forget that law and you might as well forget all the laws.  Trump is not going to build a wall.  He can’t, and no one is going to foo the money for such a stupid idea.  What he can do is use our Border Patrol to protect the borders rather than bother people driving down the road, like they are used for now.  They are not doing a thing to secure our borders, just pissing off people who live here.

Trump needs to quit playing on Twitter.  Obama started that and I think it was his 15 year old mentality.  Why else would you be on Twitter?  Your brain has not advanced beyond teenage years is the only reason.  It would be nice to see a president that had the mentality of an adult for a change.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like Trump either, but that is what we have and we need to make the best of it, not make things worse.  And right now people are making it worse.

Obama’s plan was to make all Americans pay for those people who are not willing to work for a living.  Cutting their mortgage payments that you and I will pay for.   Making us pay for their health insurance.  Making us pay for all they want but are too lazy to go out and work for it on their own.  You know who I am talking about.  It needs to stop.  And Trump is going to stop it.  The free ride is over for Obama’s people.  Obama cost us billions of dollars and countless lives.  Cost us trust with the rest of the world and brought on endless retaliation from countries and organizations who now hate us with a passion.  Thank you very much, Obama!  You put the U.S. in the shit house for the next 100 years.

We now have a Government who will not let us use free speech.  We now have a Government who spies upon us.  We now have a Government that censors what we can see.  We now have a Government that is more content lying to us than telling the truth.  Sound familiar?  If not, you are not old enough to know better.

Trump?  He should be the least of your worries. And who knows, he might even be able to bring back some of the things this country was based upon, like freedom of speech.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know you can stand on a street corner and say whatever you want without being arrested?  We use to be able to do that.  Currently you can’t even sit in a tavern and say what is on your mind for fear of being at least monitored by the Government.  Trust me on that one.  Homeland Security looks at this blog everyday.  Sometimes twice a day.  And you are paying for that.  I’m amazed they have not come to my house and taken me to some place out of the way and waterboarded me, because that is what we have for a Government these days.  And I hope it will change now.  

Paranoid, you say?  I was in law enforcement my whole life.  Not paranoid.  Knowledgeable.  More knowledgeable than you will ever be, even though you think you know what is going on.  With 22 years in law enforcement I think you should be damn scared.  But you won’t be.  You think you are fully aware of everything, and you know all.  Such fools!  And this Government loves you 20 to 40 year old fools.  You are their bread basket.  Their cash machine.  Their future.

Morning update:

I see in the headlines Trump signed an order to renegotiate NAFTA with Mexico and Canada.  Let’s hope he puts an import tax on things like automobiles and such so they cost U.S. consumers more than if they had been built here in the U.S.  That will bring industry back into this country in a heart beat.  We have Clinton to thank for sending all our industry out of this country.  At least Trump is going to try and get it back.  He already is chalking up points.


“Morning Tia Chi” with Abigail, and a cooperative sea gull.


Give the fellow a chance

Yeah, he is an idiot, but he has only been President for 4 hours.  Hell, he hasn’t even taken off his tux yet.

How he comes across to the public does not necessarily reflect as to what kind of President he will be.  Nixon lost to JFK because JFK was a good speaker and Nixon was not.  JFK was an asshole President that never should have been.  Nixon was a good President, despite the Watergate stuff.

All the social media name calling and bashing at this point is not productive.  The slate is clean as of noon today (EST).  Let us see what takes place and then judge along the way.

You took a nobody, black man that had no business being President and made him so strictly because he was black.  After that, you have no right to judge others.  You have shown your ability to pick a President, and it sucked.

Go back to watching, Ice Road Truckers and quit squawking until you have some data to squawk about.  Until then, you are just bellowing out hot air.


The “Give It A Go” housewife, giving it a pretty good go.